Hello World!

Something about that generic title that wordpress.com puts on your first blog when you sign up seemed to totally fit me…so I kept it.


 Hello world.


My name is Amy and i am a former fat girl.


I used to weigh 235 pounds at my highest ever recorded weight.


But every fat girl and guy out there knows that does not necessarily mean that was TRULY my heighest ever…just the highest number recorded on paper at an official weight watchers meeting. There’s a good chance my weight was higher.


Six years ago, I quit drinking.


4 months after that, I started the South Beach Diet.


Grand total of weight lost: 85 pounds down (last November through this July)


Current grand total: 75 pounds down…went on quite a binge after I got married two months ago on July 4th!


I’m not really sure where I want this blog to go yet…


do i want it to be about weight loss and my struggles with gaining, losing, maintaining, etc.?


do i want it to be a place where i can talk about my struggle with self control?


do i want it to be about my life in general and what I am currently dealing with in work, home, play, etc?


At this point, I am going to let nature take its course…for now, the blog will be what it will be. We can decide if it fits into some type of theme later on.


Until then….


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