The Biggest Loser

So I have been back and forth since my wedding almost 3 months ago…doing well with my dieting and then cheating…exercising a little, but not really getting back into the swing of things.
Tonight I finally caught my first episode of this season’s Biggest Loser. Wow…is all I can say. I watched 2 guys sacrifice their chance to be on the show for one of the girls who wouldn’t have the support to do it at home on her own. Truly selfless. And then saw them go home and do the best that I have ever seen Biggest Loser cast-offs do that early in the season. Their desire to change was so inspiring and their ability to do it on their own was amazing. Well, actually it is not about their ability to do it. We all have the ability, don’t we? It was the fact that they REALIZED that they CAN do it on their own and did something about it.


I have been on the fence about what to try next. Weight Watchers? South Beach? Low GI? I started south beach yesterday and it has been going okay, but I don’t know that I was in the right place that I needed to be. But after watching the Biggest Loser tonight, I feel like I am in the right place. Also reading my favorite blog at always makes me feel motivated. Her journey is not just about losing. Her journey is about bettering herself and even though I am almost to my goal, I look to her for inspiration. If you get a chance, check out her blog and read about her amazing story! I want to finally start to value myself and realize I will never be perfect and I don’t have to be. I need to take back control and take care of me.


 I feel ready.


I AM ready.


Sidenote: Tomorrow is Back to School Night at my school where I teach 2nd grade. It is a huge, hour-long presentation that we give in front of all the 2nd grade parents so I get totally nervous. Hopefully it all goes well!

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