Backwards Thinking and…Halloween!

Is it weird that I like feeling lightheaded?


Yeah, I know. It is.


Well I associate feeling lightheaded with not eating any carbs…which means I am doing well on my diet…which means I am in control…well, you get the idea. If I feel lightheaded, it feels good in a totally backwards kind of way.


I have all of a sudden become much more in control of my eating. I had a great week…not cheating once. Oddly that is usually how I am when I do the low-carb/south beach type of dieting. It becomes less of a chore to eat healthy and I tend to fall into a nice rhythm. I don’t crave the bad stuff or at the very least I am not tempted to eat it enough to derail the dieting.


In other news, my husband and I have decided to have a Halloween party! It is exciting because I have so much fun planning it all but also exciting because we actually have enough friends to have a party this year! haha…We have only lived in California for a little over 2 years so we have slowly been adding to our group of friends and are now able to invite about 15-16 people that we actually want to spend time with and really like! It’s kina nice and really makes it feel like California is our home. These are people that we could really see becoming good friends (along with some old ones) so it should be a nice mix.


Anyway…we went this weekend and picked out our costumes. My hubs and I are doing the whole Cowboys and Indian thing…he is being a cowboy with chaps, guns, hat and all…and I am the Indian princess with a cool dress to wear and I plan on braiding my hair, etc. I am so excited and it should be so much fun!! We already have 9 people definitely coming so either way it won’t be an embarrassing turnout of like 3 or 4…haha (can you tell how ridiculously insecure I am???)


I’m excited to plan the menu, too. I plan on making mini pulled pork sandwiches with coleslaw, a yummy spider web style taco dip and chips, some meat and cheese kebabs and some type of dip in a carved out gourd. I love the whole autumn/halloween type decor…it just feels so much like home! For dessert (I LOVE to bake!!) I want to do a million things, but my husband convinced me to make only a couple and ask others to bring a dish…sooooo, I’ll be making these yummy eyeball donuts and RIP brownies for everyone else (I can’t touch those!) and possibly a low carb pumpkin cheesecake or pumpkin bread that I could eat.


If anyone knows any yummy party type treats that are low carb and Halloween themed, I’d love to hear some ideas!


Have a great week!

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