Monday Menus

I have seen some other blog sites that post a Monday Menu for the week and I am always checking them out for ideas. I figured I would start it up, too, in order to give back. Those  Monday Menus have helped me out countless times coming up with new ideas!! …and I figure it can’t hurt with helping me focus on healthy meals for the week.


So…here they are:

Slow cooker chicken with onions, mushrooms, and celery in a wine/chicken broth sauce. (I took the sauce out when I got home from work and thickened it with cream cheese, sour cream, and a half tbsp of white wheat flour). We love to have green beans with chicken for some reason so that was the accompaniment.


Taco Salads – butter lettuce topped with salsa, sour cream, cheddar cheese and taco seasoned ground beef…yum! This is one of our favorites!!



Chili…we are in California so it has gotten down to a brisk 69 degrees this week (I joke…growing up in upstate NY, you cling to anything that makes you feel like it’s fall!) where I feel like we can have a yummy, warm-me-up bowl of chili. We are going to have it atop a low fat hot dog with some sauerkraut and onions.



Cheeseburger pie – this is one of my favorites…and a TOTAL low carb meal…although I am going to attempt to throw in some veggies this time by adding onions and peppers because I always felt like that is where it was lacking. Basically it is ground beef (with veggies) in the bottom of a pie plate with cheddar cheese layered on top. Then it is a mixture of mayo (I use light), 3 eggs, and some half and half. It is not exactly low fat, but it does get me through a low carb week feeling like I am having a yummy treat!
Friday – Breaded tilapia and sauted yellow squash


I also made a low carb pumpkin bread on Sunday that was made with pumpkin, eggs, splenda and almond meal. Very heavy and it didn’t rise that well, but tastes yummy and is hardly any carbs (with the exception of the carbs in the pumpkin)…but no flour and no sugar. I also made a cream cheese frosting with splenda that is pretty tasty. We’ve been having a slice of that for breakfast or dessert every day…satisfies my carb craving that is almost non-existent now!


Have a great week!!

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