Halloween Party Ideas

So I am super excited about planning my Halloween Party this year. This is our first time, but I am hoping to make it the first annual Halloween bash! It would be so fun if this became a tradition.


I have been looking for some tips for throwing a kick-ass Halloween party all over the internet…and this is what I have come up with:

Essential item #1: Costumes are a MUST…and make it fun! I already informed everyone that costumes were required at our party and was met with resistance from a couple of guests, but they’re all in. I think sometimes people just need a little prodding to act goofy and silly like a kid again…once they lighten up, they realize how fun it can be!  We chose not to do a theme costume party in order to see a higher level of creativity, but that is another fun way to do it.  Something else you can do to reward people for putting some effort into their costumes is to give prizes. We have less than 20 people coming to our party so we are probably only going to give a “Best Costume” or “Most Original Costume” title, but there are so many fun categories out there that you could do:  Sexiest, Funniest, Most Original, Most Authentic, Scariest and Best Couple. You can even make up custom trophies or baskets with Halloween/autumn themed goodies in them such as Halloween DVDs, kits to make caramel apples, autumn themed alcohol like pumpkin ale or just keep it simple with a gift card to Starbucks or a local restaurant. I even read on one website that they gave an award for “Drunkest Guest” and their prize basket was full of coffee, advil and water. haha! I thought that one was great! I hope that next year, we have more people so that we can give even more prizes.


Essential Item #2: Delicious, fun party food! Now, to me, this is the number one priority, but that is because of my love for food. The good news is that for this halloween party, I am going to be having a mix of healthier foods that I can enjoy and the fun, yummy creations that I can’t (but that are fun to make!!) My menu is outlined in an earlier post, but I would like to note that I still need to ask a friend to make the creepy Edible Eyeballs (or deviled eggs with an olive on top!) and I am still contemplating making some yummy, I mean spooooky, Spider Cupcakes. It is important to offer finger foods that people don’t need utensils to eat. As people mingle, they want to be able to grab and go.


Essential Item #3: Theme/Seasonal Decorations – I have to admit, this is where I am stuck. I am not totally into the whole scary/creepy decorations, but more into the cool Autumn, pumpkin type decor. I did find one cool website with some pics that I am going to try to emulate for our party:


I don’t have a yard to decorate 😦

’cause I live in a 700 square foot apartment, but nevertheless, I want to use some of the ideas. I actually did the whole candy corn in the candle holder idea last year and thought it looked really great in my living room. I am going to try out some ideas like that again, but on a bigger scale for the party this time.



If anyone has any great tips to share for throwing a fun Halloween party, please leave them in the comments section!!


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2 responses to “Halloween Party Ideas

  1. Jane

    Can you please tell me what you used for the eyes on you Mummy pigs-in-a-blanket?

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