Workout Status Wednesday *UPDATE*

So…this is to help myself get back on the horse…the work out horse.


I have been totally sucking lately…I haven’t worked out regularly since the two months before my wedding…which would be May and June. Since then, I have not been walking or lifting or running or taking classes at the gym.


I have, howver, been doing a lot of sitting and tv-watching and eating and web-surfing. The ole’ intranet. I swear, it takes up waaaaaaay too much of my time. Instead of working out, I google “working out routines”.  I am totally a lazy ass right now…and ready for a change.


So that is the current status…and honestly, I wish that I had more people reading my blog who could hold me a little more accountable and yell at me if I don’t hold up my end of the bargain. But I would like to change the status of my work outs for next week.


Starting tonight – I will put my sneakers on right now and grab my iphone/ipod and go for a walk. 30 minutes. i just need to go. i honestly can’t figure out why i don’t more often, when EVERY SINGLE TIME I end up saying, “God, this feels good, honey. Why don’t we do this more often??”


So, off I go. Wish me luck.


*UPDATE* I did it! It is now 10:00 pm…and I just ran/walked for about an hour! My goal was only 30 minutes of walking so I feel great. I KNEW I just needed to get my butt out there! Now I go to bed feeling lighter and healthier.

New Goal (for tomorrow) – exercise in some form (I don’t care what – anything!) for 30 minutes

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