Healthy Eating for a Healthy Baby – someday!

So I’ve been kind of off track lately. Not God-awful, but off track for sure.


I am a Catholic girl teaching at a Jewish school and every Friday for Shabbat, I feel called (religiously speaking of course) to eat the Challah bread that they give to all of the teachers and kids. I am trying to do low carb, but that damn challah gets me  every almost every time!


…and just overall, I have been a little loosey-goosey with the rules I usually live by.


So, whenever things aren’t working, I try something new. I hate the feeling of standing still and not progressing (even though I know I am the sole reason for my lack of forward progress).


So today, I am going to attempt to JUST BE HEALTHY. People tell me that all the time that this is what I need to do – just eat healthy, don’t diet. But in my opinion, that is easier said than done.


But, my husband and I have been married almost 4 months and are trying to conceive. I am hoping and praying that we are successful, but my sister and brother-in-law have been trying for over 5 with no success yet, so we know that realistically it may take awhile.


Either way, my mindset for eating and living healthy needs to change. I know that once I become pregnant, I am going to have to be balanced and healthy in my eating habits. I can’t have red meat and vegetables with no fruit or whole grains, just because those foods happen to be carbs. It’s just not healthy in my opinion (well, that and the opinion of thousands of medical professionals) and I want to truly be healthy for myself and for our future baby, when that time comes.


So, I’m gonna practice for when that day comes. I am going to try really hard to make choices that are better for my body…not necessarily for the quickest weight loss. I can have whole grains, but in moderation and healthy amounts. I can definitely eat fruit because of the obvious health benefits. I am still going to stay away from desserts, but a bite here or there won’t hurt me. I just need to realize that a taste should be enough. I don’t need to eat THE WHOLE THING. I’ve spent my whole life restricting myself, but perhaps with a change in mindset and the allowance of being able to have a bite of whatever I want will not make me feel like I have to pig out at every opportunity. Just because there is a big container of gummy bears, does not mean I have to take handful after handful! I can have 2 more next time I go if I want, but if I don’t like the taste, I don’t have to waste my time on them.



I guess it comes down to really listening to myself. I am very smart when it comes to nutrition. I completely know what I should be eating…I just don’t listen to my inner voice. Picture that old scenario with the devil on one shoulder and the angel on the other, trying to beat each other out to be heard. I just need to listen to the healthy angel voice telling me the right thing to do instead of that fat devil telling me to eat up while the gettin’s good.


I am going to really try.

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