Halloween Party Updates

So we have been busy putting together our preparations for our first annual Halloween bash…and I am getting so excited!

I have asked friends to bring a dish to share, but I am still busy planning what I am going to make.


I am insisting on doing all finger foods/appetizers. I have scoured the internet for the best recipes and have narrowed it down to the following:

1) Mini pulled pork sandwiches (sliders) with coleslaw:


2) Spiderweb nacho dip with chips:

nacho dip spiderweb

I found the recipe and pic on this website:



3) Some type of dip served in an acorn squash or gourd, similar to the one in the picture below:

4) pigs in a blanket – MUMMY style!

pigs in a blanket mummies

I also have a guest bringing ribs (AKA bucket of bones):


Then for dessert, I want to make something, but I haven’t decided what.


I have guests bringing the following so far:
1) Dark Chocolate Owl Cupcakes



2) A cake shaped like a pumpkin

pumpkin cake


I considered making some of my standard hit recipes and adapting them in some way to fit the Halloween theme…

  • my chocolate chip cookies with orange m&m’s
  • my sugar cookies (normally reserved for Christmas time, but just adapted by using Halloween cookie cutters) like below:


  •  my peanut butter/chocolate chip bars but with added chocolate frosting and possibly creating a tombstone or putting a candy pumpkin on top
  • or the same as above, but made with my homemade brownies


I’ve also toyed with the idea of trying out a new idea for the night…

  • eyeball donuts (they are just donut holes covered in melted white chocolate and decorated to look like eyeballs)…they aren’t really a “recipe” because they don’t require baking, just assembling


  • halloween-style chocolate covered pretzels

halloween pretzels


Also, here is some inspiration for my decorating. Amy Atlas is incredible and if I can put something together that is even 1/20th of what she does, I’ll feel like a superstar designer!!





With Halloween (and our party!) less than 1 week away, I am getting so excited for everything to come together. I am going to spend all week doing all the prep that can be done ahead of time. I want to make any food I can on Friday night to get as much done early as possible. During the week I will be taking care of getting all of the decorations ready and going out to get any supplies that I need.  I will use this time to put together the m&m’s in the test tubes for the guests to take home as well…sort of like party favors.

m&m favor


On Friday, I will make the pulled pork. It takes about 5 hours from start to finish so I should have enough time. I will also try to make the pretzels because it won’t involve an oven as well as the eyeballs if I choose to make them, too.


On Saturday, I want to be able to spend the day cleaning and getting everything else done in terms of decorating. I will need to make the cookies Saturday morning. The only other thing I need the oven for is the pigs in the blanket, but those will be popped in last minute so they are hot and fresh.


Other easy prep will be:

  • putting together the taco dip
  • carve gourd and put in dip
  • put out tortilla chips and potato chips
  • make the coleslaw


Oh! and I forgot I want to make a punch! I am thinking of something in a black cauldron like this:



I am sooooooo excited!!! Does anyone have any good ideas for what they are doing this year???


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