Bob Greene’s Best Life Diet

So whenever I get bored, I try something new.



guess what…

I’m bored.


I have been floundering since my wedding, going back and forth with different eating habits. Sometimes good, sometimes not so good. But what I have realized is that even the good was not so good.


I was not being mindful of my health.

I was eating full fat foods that are not good for my heart.

I was not exercising.

I was just not healthy.


I am trying soooo hard to think more about my actual health and not just losing weight. And the new approach I am trying is really an old approach…and in reality what both Weight Watchers and the South Beach Diet preach that you should be eating.


Whole Grains



Low fat/Non fat dairy Products

Lean proteins

lots of water


duh…duh duh DUH!


Oh I have been so lazy. I mean, incredibly Lazy with a capital L. My husband and I used to be great about going to the gym. Not every single solitary night, but often. And we did good workouts. A mix of hard cardio and weight training, circuits, running…whatever floated our boat at the time. We changed it up, but we remained fairly consistent for the first few years.

Then we got married.

Isn’t it so cliche? We have been so lazy since then. And the funny part is that we weren’t really dieting/exercising for the wedding. I mean, we did for the wedding, too. But it started long before then. We were just mindful of our health.


But I’m back into it.

This morning, I got up to walk for 30 minutes. And whaddya know…the hubs got up with me! We had a nice walk and I am so appreciative of our time together. Today is our 4 month anniversary and I love him more than anything in the world. I am very lucky to have him and morning walks like today are nice reminders of how blessed we are.


But back to the Best Life diet. There are some rules. No trans fats, no fried foods, eat a Best Life breakfast to start your day (any of their recommended breakfast ideas is encouraged) and then a lunch, dinner and snack that is based on making good choices. Daily multivitamin. Exercise 60 minutes a week. I like it. It’s DOable.

 Weigh yourself the first day and then not again for a month.

I LOVE that.

My husband said, “I’ve been saying you should stop weighing yourself every day for the longest time. Now you’re gonna do it cause Bob Greene says so? I oughtta write a book!”

But it really is so freeing. It is not about losing really this month. It is more about developing healthy eating habits.


So I am going to be spending way more money at the grocery store, but I’m okay with it as long as I am sticking with the plan and feeling satisfied. It’s only money.

I am also going to be trying out a ton of new recipes…and that part I am a little overwhelmed by, but also super excited! I LOVE to try new recipes…so if they are healthy ones, all the better!


Tomorrow’s breakfast: 

a strawberry smoothie (1 cup vanilla soymilk, 1 cup frozen strawberries, 2 tbsp ground flaxseeds)

It sounds yummy and totally different than my norm.

Change is good.

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