Quick Update

So I have been somewhat slacking on the blogging lately…probably because I have been busy…in addition to the fact that I am so new that I don’t have many readers yet. But I want to plug along. I have seen how influential other blogs have been for me, as these individuals document their journey…and I hope to do the same for someone else…

if they ever stumble across this site!


The Best Life Diet by Bob Greene – some thoughts

  • It’s been going GREAT! I have never eaten so much yummy food, felt entirely satisfied and lost weight. EVER.


  • I cheated and weighed myself. oops. I have already lost 6 pounds! I was sure that I hadn’t lost any, but was super excited when I saw that it was working!


  • I’ve learned that this diet, for the first month, is about refocusing how you view food and getting into healthy habits. My recommended calorie intake (from their site) was 1800 a day. I adjusted it to 1700 but still…that is waaaaaay higher than any diet has ever recommended for me. Usually it is closer to 12 or 1300! As we refocus our thoughts on eating, I don’t think they want us to feel any sort of deprivation. But the choices I have been making for those 1800 calories (I’m not gonna lie, I’ve had a tough time sticking to 1700 knowing that the site recommended 1800…I’m so bad) have all been incredible, healthy food choices. No junk. I guess at times it can be more simple than I thought! Healthy food can be delicious!


  • The Best Life Breakfasts are HUGE!!! Oh my gosh…the recommended breakfasts are like 350 – 400 calories EACH DAY! But you sort of eliminate the snacking. They recommend one healthy snack a day outside of meals, but pretty much your calories should come from the meals…and the meals are so filling that it works! I am not hungry in between meals at all.


  • I am eating healthy foods, but yummy ones, too! The other night I had a salad loaded with great veggies and then had a small 1 cup side of pasta. I used Barilla plus pasta which is loaded with nutrients. I sauted some cherry tomatoes and basil in some EVOO and then mixed the rotinis in. Then I sprinkled some fresh parmesan cheese in. It was a great side and for once, the pasta didn’t have to be a huge bowl. It felt like a treat! Here is a pic:


Even my husband thought it was delicious!salad pasta

So today I want to try out some new recipes…

Breakfast – Scrambled eggs (Better ‘n Eggs) with chopped cherry tomatoes and chopped mushrooms sprinkled with basil and freshly grated parmesan cheese; 1 yoplait light strawberry yogurt; 1 slice of whole wheat toast with light butter (SEE I TOLD YOU IT WAS A TON OF FOOD!!)

Lunch – Roasted Eggplant and Onion Sandwich with Arugula and Chicken and a small side salad with balsamic vinegar and EVOO


Dinner – Flank Steak with Sweet Potatoes and a small side salad

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