Halloween Party pics!


A shot of our living room…with halloween decorations galore…



The following pics of food are not healthy!!! (This was during a break down period where I, of course, wanted all unhealthy food around so I could gorge myself. Result – unhealthy, delicious food that made me put on 8 pounds in 3 days…no joke. Not worth it!)


Sugar cookies





Halloween themed chocolate covered pretzels:


Pre-party pics: (before the food is set up)


Dessert table:

(If you look closely you can see the eyeballs I made too…I forgot to take a real pic of them!)


Bar area: IMG_0456

Coffee/Tea station:IMG_0457

The gift basket prize we gave for the winner of the Best Costume award:


If you look closely, behind the gift basket are the favor boxes that we gave away to each couple that came to the party…they were filled with lots of goodies to take home and enjoy after the fact!

Our doggie, Frankie, in his motorcycle riding jacket and goggles:


 Pic of my hubs and I…we were the oh-so-politically incorrect “Cowboys and Indians” (singular but it doesn’t sound right when you say, “Cowboy and Indian”)

joe amy halloween

We had a great turnout (we are semi-new to California and don’t have a ton of good friends yet but we have been slowly building our group) and everyone got into the dressing up and had great costumes. Our prize for best costume went to a couple who wore Penguin costumes that were huge and hot and totally uncomfortable looking…and therefore that sacrifice won them the prize!


We are definitely interested in having another party next year…and considered this year to be a great success!

Anyone else do anything fun for Halloween?


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3 responses to “Halloween Party pics!

  1. Angela

    Way to pick a costume that makes you look hot! Woohoo girl, get it!

    What a hostess, totally impressed. I would have killed that rum, ….and a good number of those cookies. Thank goodness I wasn’t there. Lol…

  2. amybart

    Haha…thanks! I actually really struggle with Halloween costumes usually because they are all soo short and soo slutty looking….and I totally can’t pull that look off!! haha

    Unfortunately, I did overindulge that night…which is usually why I host parties or bake for others…so that the food is around me and I have access to it…definitely something I am trying to wrap my mind around so that I don’t set myself up for failure again!

  3. hey woman!
    thanks for dropping by and leaving me a comment.
    Ive added you to the blogroll and am off to peruse yer blog!

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