Counting My Steps – My New Obsession

Part of the Best Life diet involves becoming more active.

The recommendation is that you take inventory of how much you are moving and increase it from there.

I have been so lazy in the last couple of months that it required me to move from the “Level 1” activity (which basically consists of breathing) to

“Level 2” which is:

3500 to 5999 foot steps each day (a minimum of 6 days a week)


Walking/other light aerobic exercise a minimum of 2 days/week, for a total of 60 – 89.9 minutes per week


Not too much…but more than I had been doing…

(I know, it’s pathetic. Would you believe that in May and June I was going to hour long boot camp class 5 days a week from 5:30 – 6:30 am? It seems like aaaaages ago)


But, regardless, I have embraced the idea of  moving more. I went out and bought a pedometer and I’m totally into it!

I have no idea why, but working toward the 10,000 steps is totally motivating to me. Just seeing how quickly it all adds up is amazing.

I’ve started walking around a lot more at work…I’ve been walking my dog a lot more and longer distances…and I’ve going for more walks with my hubs!

I honestly feel great and yet it seems too simple.

But trust me, there are days when my ass used to get sore from not moving on the couch for extended periods of time…so it is definitely an improvement for me!

Here is a pic of my pedometer tonight…and the oh-so-coveted 10,000 step milestone:


well…10,000 + 3

I’m moving more and getting back into it…it’s a good thing.





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