What a difference a year makes…

It’s been almost a year since my last post, but I’m back…and in a totally different place than where I started!

Approximately one year ago, I started this blog. After only two months of blogging, this happened:


9 months after that, this happened:


And now 3 months later (and present day), here is my beautiful daughter:


Motherhood has been amazing…and I love my new job as a stay at home mom.


the funny thing is, as I go back  and reread my posts from a year ago, as much as I know parts of my life are entirely new, I realize I am






funny, huh?

I guess putting on 40 pounds of baby weight can do that to you! I have already dropped 25 since the delivery, but I would like to take off another 25 to get down to a healthy weight again. (If you notice my math is off, it’s because I put on an extra ten pounds after my wedding, before I got pregnant.) I’ve also learned that “myth” about how losing weight gets harder as you get older is actually true.

Huh.  Who knew?

I have an increased motivation to really conquer my issues now…I really want to be a strong and positive influence on my daughter. If I sneak food, she is going to learn to hide her eating. If I eat to reward or comfort myself, she will learn to use food for the same reasons. If I focus too much on my flaws, my daughter will focus on hers. If I complain about exercise, my daughter may become a couch potato. If I am afraid to fly, my daughter may have the same nerves as she steps onto a plane.

But, on the flip side…

If I exude confidence in who I am, my daughter will believe in herself.

If I eat for nutrition and not for comfort, my daughter will grow up with healthy eating habits.

If I value exercising with my family, my daughter will enjoy being active.


Children do not do what you say…they do what you DO.

If I want her to be healthy…both in terms of her self image as well as physically…then I need to be healthy.

 There is more at stake now…and I think that will be the difference.

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