Shutterfly Christmas Cards

So one of the wonderful parts of being a new mommy and officially having a real “family” is that we get to do Christmas cards this year!


Now, I’m not saying that our Christmas cards for the past few years with my dog, Frankie and our cat, Squints were not totally adorable…they were…but there comes a time when you get sick of showcasing your pets for all of your friends and family to see.

I feel so grown up.



So anyway, I was sooo excited to take the pictures. I picked out her outfit, showered and actually did my own hair and makeup, and even made my husband get dressed nicely and participate while football was on.


Newsflash for the new mom – taking a family christmas photo with a 4 1/2 month old baby is not as fun as you’d think it’d be and it is definitely



See proof of this here:

When you have no one to take the picture for you and are relying on the self timer, it is difficult.




We must have taken 100+ shots. I think we may have gotten one acceptable one.


Although I must say I am not 100% happy with it. It is usable, though. 🙂


Now, my task is going to Shutterfly and making my christmas cards. I have to admit. I use Shutterfly for everything photo-related. I am not very creative and don’t do this often, but when I do, I have found Shutterfly to be extremely easy to use and have some really cute templates/designs.

I even used Shutterfly for birthday gifts for my parents and my in-laws this year. I used pics of my baby girl to make a photo book of her first 3 months.

Ahh…a gift only grandparents could love. 🙂

The books turned out awesome…and they were very, very impressed.

(Thanks to Shutterfly for doing all the work for me! I just plugged in the pics and captions!)

If you check out this page here, you can see a bunch of super cute photo card designs they have this year. My problem is whenever I go on to make one thing, I find about ten other things I want to make, too, like these photo calendars or these Christmas invitations. I always end up getting a lot of my presents through Shutterfly.


I love the new designs that Shutterfly has for Christmas cards this year. I love this cute one:

Follow this link if you are interested in learning more about their blog promotion and getting 50 free cards. I’m off to design my cards!

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