iPhone Rosary? Yup, there’s an app for that.

Yes, it’s true. In my newfound revival of prayer in my life, i have also felt very called to start saying the rosary everyday again. I have found an iphone app to pray the rosary. There is actually an app for that.

Actually, lots of them.

Now, I can see the critics and what they will say.

However, this app got me to pray the rosary yesterday. It kept me focused when my brain would have normally wandered. It reminded me of what the right prayers were and when to say them. It helped me to remember which mysteries to say and to actually meditate on them as the woman’s soothing voice read the appropriate bible passage.

For me, it was perfect.

Here is a sample (yes the artwork is a little cheesy but bear with me):

As the prayers change, the little beads will light up indicating where you are in the rosary. You can choose a male or female voice to say the prayers depending on your preference (I preferred female for some reason).

My favorite part was when you were supposed to meditate on the mysteries. On the screen it would just state the mystery, but the audio would read the corresponding section of the bible reading as well as give a brief synopsis of it. For someone like me, who was never schooled in the bible, it is an extremely beneficial and borderline necessary part of this app. It gives me more background about each mystery and helps me to make the connections.

There’s actually a ton of different ones to choose from, even some good free ones.

I liked this one called Holy Rosary Audio best because of how it helps keep me focused by reciting the prayers aloud with me. If you don’t need as much scaffolding as I do, the free ones would be fine, too. Perhaps as I memorize all of the prayers, I will need the audio less and less.

I continue to be amazed at what is out there in the world of technology that I don’t know about.




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2 responses to “iPhone Rosary? Yup, there’s an app for that.

  1. Tamara

    Trying to find this app on iTunes and not sure which one it is, like the option for a female voice. Have a link? Do you know if I can just listen on iPod vs. using the app?

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