What the heck is a candlestick jump?

Have you ever done one? They are CRAZY hard!

Here is a link to what one looks like:

Candlestick Jumps

Go ahead. Give ’em a try. Try doing 10 in a row. They KILL me!!!

I had never heard of candlestick jumps before I joined a new workout group I am in. Our group is being led by a psycho trainer who is doing it just to help out a bunch of us moms trying to lose weight, get in shape, and (for some, not me quite yet haha) train for a half marathon. We all met in a moms group and this woman is doing this out of the goodness of her heart…for free! The kind of daily workout schedule she has us doing would probably cost thousands if I were to actually hire a trainer.

It sucks. But in the totally good kind of way.

She has us do a warm up for about 5-10 minutes usually that involves a lot of glute work, some pilates, etc.- but the warm up is nothing. It is this next part that she has us do that kills me.

Here is a sample of one of our workouts:

OK so now get your timers out…the workout below is as many rounds as you can do in 15 minutes. DO not rest, push HARD. Report the number of rounds you were able to do.

rotating squat jumps x 10 (total)



candlestick jumps x 10



half burpee with push up with shuffle x 10 (count the push up)



shuffling in push up position x 10 total



jump forward and reverse jump . Both feet long jump forward and then reverse jump back x 10 (total)



walking lunges with weight over head  the arms never move. make sure your biceps are by your ears, and not to0 far forward



Now, when I do these exercises with totally proper form, I am able to complete 3 rounds in approximately 15 minutes if I totally push myself to the limit.

The rest of the girls in my group must be in ridiculous shape because they all report back that they complete 3 rounds in 11 minutes or 4 rounds in 12 minutes or something else equally crazy and hardcore…and our trainer even said she got 5 rounds done in 18 minutes!!

I am a sweaty beast when I am done, too. I’m not slacking I promise. I am huffing and puffing harder after 15 minute than I am after a 4 mile run.

I just thought I would share this because they are some great exercises that I hadn’t come across in a lot of my workout videos and the such. I figure, maybe they can be a refreshing change you can add to your workout every now and again.

Enjoy! haha…ya right!


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