I need a tissue!

That is what I thought during my entire 5 mile run today.

My nose dripped constantly. I even had to wipe it on my tank top.

Over and over again.

 Did I mention I had to do this constantly? For 5 long, sweaty miles?

I also thought…

I should have eaten more before I ran because I feel really weak.

This blister on my heel really hurts.

Man, the sun is super hot today. Probably gonna get a sunburn.

I have a stomach cramp.

My knee hurts.

My hip hurts.

My heart hurts.

Why did I wear wedgie underwear today?


Ya, pretty much every excuse in the book popped into my head today when I went out to attempt my first 5 mile run.

Running sucked today. Plain and simple. I felt like crap during the whole thing.

What happened to my runner’s high I finally felt last weekend for the first time? Gone already??

If you are reading my blog for motivation or inspiration, you are probably wondering what the hell I am doing writing this downer, complaint-ridden post.

You wanna know why?

‘Cause I was more proud of myself when I finished my run this week, feeling like crap,

 than last week when when I finished and felt amazing!


It’s true though, isn’t it?

I mean, I’m not proud when I do something easy and enjoyable.

If I sit and watch a tv show, I feel no pride. It required no effort. I laughed and enjoyed myself.

If I were to clean for a half hour instead, I would probably be really proud of myself for accomplishing that task. There is nothing fun about it. I don’t particularly care for cleaning toilets. But when I am done, I feel good for having done it inspite of all that.

Just like my run today.

It sucked…

and I am proud.

5 miles in 52 minutes and 47 seconds.

Oh sidenote: I made brownies for a friend tonight and will be delivering them tomorrow. This means that they will be in my apartment for a great many hours, taunting me and calling my name.

I did lick the bowl and spoon when I was done which I am not thrilled with, but I do have extra calories today so I am not beating myself up about it.

I am hoping I have enough strength tonight, and tomorrow before I drop them off, to not eat any of the actual brownies.

I will be VERY PROUD of myself

because staying away from these:

Chocolate Peanut Butter Chip Brownies

will be very hard!!!




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2 responses to “I need a tissue!

  1. Those runs where you’re struggling mentally are SO hard, but good for you for finishing!! I was pretty sniffly during my run too – so annoying. I love your thought about wearing weggie underwear – that made me laugh out loud!

    • amybart

      haha…thanks, beth! glad to know I’m not the only one! I’m going to be reading your blog a lot for running inspiration!

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