So far, so good! **Update**

 I haven’t touched the brownies! Actually, I cut them, put them in tupperware and had my husband put them out in my car last night, so it has been pretty easy, but still… didn’t eat one nibble!!

Now I’m working on the dinner I am making her. She just had a baby so I’m bringing a full meal so she can relax and take care of sweet little Aria.

I am making slow-cooker barbecue chicken in the oven:

and it came out sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo good!!

I used 4 chicken breasts for this recipe (so they could have leftovers…it made a ton!!). I salted and pepper them when they were raw. Then I sauteed them quickly in the stock pot before I put them in the oven. I covered them with some onion slices and barbecue sauce and baked them in the oven at 275 degrees for just over an hour. I took the chicken out to shred it and it was so tender! Then I mixed it back in with the bbq sauce to get it to soak up the flavor and juices.

For some reason, I LOVE when the meat is shredded when I am having BBQ!!

I’m going to make a healthy version of KFC coleslaw later on to go with it…and then pick up some kaiser rolls from the bakery at the grocery store on my way to drop it off.

I’m also doing another one of my friend/trainer’s crazy workouts today. I’m always sooo dead afterwards. Here is today’s workout:

After a 10 minute warmup:

squat jumps… exactly what they sound like. Squat below 90 degrees elbows to the knees. JUMP up… x 30

plyo push ups…. using a bench or the kitchen sink (or the floor if you are strong enough) here is an example …. x 15

  Mountain Climbers….   …. x 50 (on the floor)

Thrusters (half burpees) from the push up position on the floor jump your knees into your chest and back out …. x 30

Jumping Jacks… x 30

Plyometric Lunges…. x 40 

REST  (no longer then 2 minutes)

REPEAT 6-10 times……

Time yourself and see how many rounds you can complete.

Last time I completed 4 rounds in 25 minutes. Hopefully I can beat that time!! I was DEAD when I was done last time!!

Try it out! It is killer!


I finished the workout for today (holy crap! I forgot how ridiculously hard it is and how winded and sweaty I am after just one set!!) and I was able to take 3 minutes off my time!!!  I finished 4 rounds in 22 minutes and 26 seconds. Every day I am truly amazed at how adaptable the body is and how we have complete control over making it stronger.


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