A Motivational Slump

You ever have one of those days?

I had one today. I just could not get myself to care.

I didn’t want to work out.

I didn’t want to clean.

I didn’t even really want to get on the floor and play with my baby.

I did. I did them all. But I didn’t feel motivated to.

Those days suck.

I want to WANT to do all of those things. Not feel like it is an effort to do them.

Oh well…on to tomorrow.

I guess the victory is that I did them…inspite of my slump. I actually was brave and showed up to the in-studio workout today (instead of just doing it by myself in my own living room). I cleaned my whole house and made dinner. I even changed up our daily routine and took my daughter to the pool today to swim.

Maxin and relaxin...sunbathing on her towel next to the pool

How cute is she???

Anyway, I have to credit my husband who reminded me this morning that sometimes when you feel the worst, you have to push the hardest. I did today…and it worked.

What do ya’ll do when you feel unmotivated in order to keep yourself on track?

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