Back on track! (and a yoga question)

After a total slump of a day on Tuesday, I woke up Wednesday knowing I was supposed to do a 4 mile run and dreading it. I decided that since I was still feeling a little off, I would allow myself to just do a 4 mile walk instead.

I figured I was still getting some good exercise and burning some good calories.

At some point during the day, my mood shifted and I decided I would run after all. I’m not sure what came over me, but I do find sometimes that when I take the pressure off of myself to do something, I am more likely to actually do it of my own free will…amazing concept, huh?

So not only did I run last night, but I had the runner’s high back again!

I even took 3 whole minutes off my time from my last 4 mile run!! 4 miles completed in 38 minutes and 30 seconds! I went from feeling like I was in a slump…to feeling amazing and super proud.

I keep telling myself that I’m not a runner and I don’t want to run really long distances (as I battle in my head whether or not to run a half marathon on May 1st), but every time I run, I become super motivated again!

I even have a deal with my husband that if I can stay at 157 lbs for a full week, then I can buy a new pair of running sneakers (and I weighed in last Friday at 157 so I need to still be there when I weigh in tomorrow!!). This is an accomplishment because just 2 weeks ago, I was weighing in at 164 (after a bad day, but still, I was there). I thought it would take me at least a month, but with all of the running and calorie counting I am doing, it has been easier than I thought! 

I am trying to be better about not using food as a reward for my hard work. I am conditioned to think, oh I had a good day, let’s go out to dinner to celebrate! or worse yet, I had a bad day, let’s just grab some take out and go get ice cream.

But I don’t want food to be associated with rewards for my daughter, so my husband and I are putting a stop to that now.

So anyway…hopefully I get new sneakers this weekend!!! My old ones are in really rough shape and not even really considered running shoes. I think I picked them up for like $40 bucks or something crazy. I want to get good ones this time now that I am back into running. But I plan on earning them.

Unrelated sidenote…this was my dinner last night:

3 ounces of baked tilapia, 1/2 cup of brown rice, steamed asparagus

Just an example of something super healthy and good for me, but totally delicious and filling at the same time. I have really learned how important it is to season my foods in order to make them taste better. I used to be a total wuss when it came to spicy things, but ever since I was pregnant, I have a much higher tolerance. I even add spicy green salsa to my brown rice for an extra kick. If you’ve never tried it, you should!

So my yoga question is this…

how do I get started? I SUCK at yoga. I have tried to do many videos online (even ones my trainer friend recommended for beginners) and I am embarrassed to admit that I am not able to hold most of the poses. Does anyone have any suggestions for beginner videos that are for SUPER beginners? Like a type of yoga for dummies?

Recommendations or tips welcomed and wanted!! Thanks!

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