7 miles…and new running sneakers!!!

Well as you can tell by my title, I made my goal of reaching 157 (and holding onto it for at least one week)! So my hubs and I went to Road Runners Sports yesterday and I walked away with new sneaks! I was/am still so excited about them:

My new running sneaks - Mizuno

(Sorry about the foot shot…I forgot about taking a pic til I was already wearing them! haha)

If you ever need new running sneakers and have a Road Runners Sports store near you, it is essential that you go there! They do all sorts of cool testing to see what kind of sneaker is best for your foot and even have you run on a treadmill to see your form!  I will never go back to a Foot Locker or any of those generic sneaker stores again when looking for actual running shoes because the service is just incredible at Road Runners Sports!

Anyway, I was super excited to test them out yesterday but dreading it at the same time because I knew it was the day I was going to try to run 6 miles. Plus, it was rainy and crazy windy yesterday (I know for those living in parts of the country where there is still snow, that sounds bratty haha…but when you live in Southern California, rain and heavy winds really suck!).

 I REALLY didn’t want to run inside on the treadmill for my long run, but I figured I would have to suck it up and just do it.

I managed to get through 4 very long, boring, tiring miles on the treadmill. I told myself that if I could get through 4 inside, then I would just go run the last 2 outside. Even in the rain, it had to be better than the dang monotony of the treadmill for even one more minute.

4 miles completed!

I hopped off the treadmill and got ready to run over to my apartment to drop off my keys. I stepped out of the gym and into pouring rain.

This was no light sprinkle. I mean, there were branches down and the strength of the wind seemed incredibly daunting.

For whatever reason, that seemed to motivate me further.

If I can get through these next 2 miles IN THE POURING RAIN, I can pretty much do anything.

Taking on this challenge just seemed right. I wanted to show that not only could I do it, but I could do it in the worst, most miserable conditions.

If I can do 2 more, I can certainly manage to get 3 more miles, right?

 I knew the rest of the girls in my workout group had done the full 7 miles that morning. I had only run 5 last week (when they had done 6) so I was a bit behind. My goal all along had been to just increase to 6 this week, but that 7 mile mark just kept nagging at me.

If they can do 7, I can do 7.

I have no idea of my time since I ditched my iphone (didn’t want to get it wet in the rain!), but my goal for the day was not about how fast I could run.

 It was purely about completion.

7 miles.

Well, if we are being technical, it was 7.05 miles to be exact. 🙂


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