On the Half Marathon Fence

I keep going back and forth. One minute I am definitely going to do it. The next, I get in my own head and tell myself that I’m crazy and there is no way I can actually run 13.1 miles.

I can’t decide what to do.

My husband is super supportive and thinks I 100% should sign up. He fully believes that I can do it. He knows how good I will feel when I finish.

My workout group trainer/friend keeps giving me gentle nudges to sign up and run with our group.

I feel like I can do it. I mean, I ran 7 miles the other day and I just started running again a month ago. I feel stronger than I ever have in my entire life.

So I am not sure why I am being such a wuss and keep putting off signing up.

I know I am a little scared of the pressure. Like, right now, I am doing really well with the running because I am doing it of my own free will. But once I sign up, I HAVE to run. I HAVE to push myself.

I guess I am just afraid I will feel forced to run…

 and lose my runner’s high that I am so excited about feeling for the first time!

Okay, it is decision time.

Well, sort of.

I have made the decision…

that I have to make a decision by this Sunday.


That is when I will attempt an 8 mile run.

I will have a general idea of how I am feeling about the race.

So Sunday is the day.


Unrelated Sidenote:

Two current healthy food obsessions of mine –

1) The egg white/veggie omelette

I always thought egg white omelettes sounded/looked gross, but I find I do not miss the yolk at all! It is just as satisfying, tastes just as great and is an incredibly healthy form of protein. I usually just saute a bunch of veggies that I have in my fridge (this one was cherry tomatoes, onion, mushroom and spinach) and throw in a small serving of parmesan cheese (today I tried reduced fat feta and wasn’t as impressed…gonna save that one for salads!). It is such a super filling breakfast and I feel healthier just eating it!

2) Mashed up avocado on my turkey sandwich-

Now my husband informed me when he saw this picture (of course I was bragging about my new obsession and how awesome it was and had to show him) that it looked like vomit and warned against posting it. He doesn’t like avocado, though, so I am going to ignore his advice. It is DELICIOUS!! I used to put a tbsp of light mayo on my turkey sandwich every day, but decided to try this instead. I weigh out 25 grams of avocado, mash it up, add a bit of lemon juice, garlic salt and pepper and voila! (Does this make it guacamole?) It gives so much more flavor than the light mayo and tastes just as creamy on the bread. It is only about 40 calories but it is one of the good, healthy fats so I know it is good for me. Super yummy…I highly recommend it!!


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6 responses to “On the Half Marathon Fence

  1. Do it! Even if you walk across the finish line. You did it!! The egg and avocado looks yummy!

    • amybart

      Thanks! I have to keep reminding myself that I can always walk if I need to. I have this thing in my head that I have to run the entire thing without stopping. I’ve never walked in a race, not once (not even a 15k I ran!). I think I’m going to sign up and tell myself that I can actually stop at a water station for a minute if I need to…no pressure.

  2. DO IT!! I want to run a half marathon sometime this year too 🙂

    • amybart

      haha…I am on the fence but tipping over to the “I think I’m gonna do it” side! Thanks for the support! You should totally do one too!

  3. Do it, but read reviews / experiences with the race you’re looking at doing. You definitely want one that’s worked out the kinks & most glitches. (My 2nd HM had “dry” water stops the last 1/2 of the race, which was also the last 1/2 of FULL marathon.) I tend to like the bigger events (I ♥ Swag), plus I have fear of being dead-last (which HAS happened in another race.)

    • amybart

      Thanks for the tip…I already have my half marathon picked out for me because the group I am working out with are all signed up for it together and want me to sign up to. It is the OC marathon/half marathon here in Southern California. I assume it is pretty big and will have some good free stuff haha. It is on May 1st, which is where my hesitation comes from. I know I can do it even though it is so soon, but I still haven’t pulled the trigger!
      I am totally with you on the finishing last thing. That almost happened to me once in a small 5k I ran. There was only one person behind me and it stressed me out the whole way!

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