Pushing through a Plateau

I’ve been meaning to blog about this for awhile, but for some reason I haven’t actually done it until now.

That dang plateau.

We all hate it.

We work our asses off, yet somehow the weigh loss progression stalls.

I used to tell myself it was so unfair that I had to push through these annoying times and just suck it up. You just have to accept that we plateau every now and again, right?


Well….sometimes, yes.

But, other times, I think we simply become complacent.

We start out strong, sure. We count our calories or our points. We push through workouts. We measure serving sizes. We eat healthy, whole foods at home instead of eating out.

And if you really examine your eating habits during a plateau, you are still probably doing all of those great things most of the time.

But, it is those little things that we’ve gotten a little bit slack on that can really throw us off track, without even realizing it.

Example #1:

Sure I’m measuring my portions, but come on, I can tell that is 15 g of dark chocolate chips. Oops two dropped off the scale, let me pop those in my mouth…yeah, that looks like about 15 grams.

Yeah, I tried that last night. Nope…off by about 20 chocolate chips. And just because something falls onto the counter off the plate, doesn’t mean it is free! Ya…those count, too!! (Can you tell nibbles are my downfall??)

Example #2:

I have quite a few calories left for today. I mean, I know I’m eating out at a restaurant, but I have 700 calories left to play with. I don’t really have to keep count every one. I have so many left!

Again, you’d be surprised at how easily you can go over your calories eating out and not keeping track. In California, they have to print all the calories on the menu now and you would be so surprised at how many things have waaaaaaaaay more calories than you would guess.


I have so many examples of how we start to cut corners, just a little bit at a time. They are so subtle and so small that we don’t pay much attention to them at first…particularly if we are still losing.

And that is great! If I am cutting some corners (like me not measuring the tbsp of creamer in my coffee -that is my corner cutting!) and still losing, that is awesome!

But eventually, they will start to catch up to you.

And the plateau will have arrived…front and center.

This is when I find it super important to do a real, hard, truth-filled inventory of everything I am doing.

This is a big time for me to make lots of excuses

 and go through a phase of feeling oh-so-sorry for myself

 because it is






Orrrrrrrrrr…maybe I’m just not being honest.

Either one.

And I can speak so honestly about this because I was in a big plateau phase from ohhhh, lets see…for all of December, January and February!!

Then I decided to get serious again.

Start over.

Find something new to kick start me into a new phase…over that “plateau”.

What happened to work for me was being held accountable.

Wait, let me rephrase that.

What happened to work for me was 

ME holding MYSELF accountable…with pure honesty.

The key to overcoming this hurdle for me?

*My Fitness Pal*

I downloaded the My Fitness Pal app on my iphone (bonus- it is 100% free!!)

and have been super diligant about counting calories for the last 3 weeks.

I can also record my exercise and see how many calories I am burning.

 I was stuck between 162 and 164 for 3 months, even though I was working out more than ever before and eating all healthy food.

In the last 3 weeks since I started being accountable to myself, I am now hovering between 156-157.

I love this app! There are a ton of free ones out there, so if you check this one out and it doesn’t seem right for you, try a different one. This one has just been a good fit for me from the beginning.

Plateaus suck…plain and simple.

But they can be broken through…just like any brick wall.


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2 responses to “Pushing through a Plateau

  1. I’ll have to download that program. I had one (can’t recall the name) where you can do the same things but, also check in with your friends and see what they are doing. All my friends dropped off the list. They stopped using it. lol

    I’m the same weight as you. How tall are you? I find when I hit a plateau I start eating more than less. And some how it kicks starts me again.
    The whole fool your body thing seems to work for me! lol

    Good luck with moving that scale again!

    • amybart

      My Fitness Pal also has a friends component…maybe it was the same one? I keep my husband as my only friend! haha
      I’m 5’6″…so I feel like I am in the upper portion of a recommended “healthy weight” range for my height, but would like to keep losing. I’d like to get down to about 140.
      I completely agree that fooling the body is the trick to getting over the plateau!

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