I think I might be a runner!

I am actually starting to believe it.

Last night I set out to run my 4.5 miles that I had promised myself I would run.

I was a little more positive than normal.

On a typical running day, I will put it off as long as possible. I make excuses. I stall. I try to talk myself out of going. I tell myself I can run the next morning instead.

Yesterday, I actually got ready as soon as my husband got home. He didn’t even need to prod me one time! (Typically, I hear a few, “Honey,  I thought you said you were going to go running,” comments before I actually get up and get changed! haha)

The only thing I said was that I didn’t feel like running 4.5 and that I wish I had said I was only going to run 4. My hubs reminded me that 4.5 wasn’t a big deal for me anymore and that I should just do it. (Actually, to quote him accurately, he said, “‎4.5 miles is a joke for you these days! Destroy it!!!!!”

He is very big on following through on something once you say you are going to do it.

Turns out, he was right.

4.5 was no big deal.

My pace wasn’t the greatest. I think that my GPS might have been off a little because I really felt amazing and felt like I had a good pace, but it kept telling me I was running over 10 minute miles.

I didn’t let that stop me, though, because I felt good running and that was all that mattered. I was actually relaxed and enjoying the time to myself (normally I am bored as hell!!)

I told myself since my pace was slower than I had planned on, that I should run a little further. I would do a full 5 instead of stopping at 4 and a half. 

But as I approached the end of mile 4, I felt so good and knew I still had quite a bit of gas left in the tank, so I decided I would run the full 6.

I figured that if I was running just over 10 minute miles, I should probably go for distance, since I was obviously not working on my speed!

This was my run when I finished:

I ended up doing 6 miles at a 10 minute 25 second pace!

My husband kept laughing his ass off at me when I got home because I was totally on a runner’s high. I was giddy and smiling and felt so good.

I’ve never felt like this when I’ve run before. I’ve always hated every second of every run and just been proud that I had finished.

Now I see why runner’s run.

It can actually feel good!


Unrelated sidenote:

Now that I have gotten back into blogging and reading health/weight loss/running blogs again, I have been super into the posts when people have pics of what they are buying/eating/making for meals. I don’t know why…it just gets me excited to try new things. Plus, I’m sort of a copier. I love getting ideas from other people!

So yesterday, totally unlike my normal budget conscious self, I made an impromptu, unplanned trip to Trader Joe’s.

I bought a smorgasboard of things…and while it wasn’t entirely random (I did pick up some things that I normally would have gotten) I definitely chucked a couple of things in my basket that were not on any sort of list, but that I purely wanted to try because I had seen them in other bloggers’ pictures!!

Here were my finds:

Things I’ve tried before and love: Laughing Cow cheese (way cheaper at TJ’s), Chicken Cilantro Mini Wontons (I used to eat these on WW back in the day. For 4 of them, it is 50 calories and .5 grams of fat!), whole wheat pizza dough, Rustico Pomodoro Sauce, and the organic zucchini

Impulse buys because I’ve seen them on other blogs lately: Ezekiel sprouted bread, organic black beans, jalapeno chicken sausage, polenta (random! my husband had a field day with me picking up that one!) and peanut flour (upper left corner).

I’m most intrigued by the peanut flour. I’ve seen Beth on Beth’s Journey (she’s my current blog favorite as she prepares to run her second 1/2 marathon tomorrow!) talk about turning the peanut flour into a peanut butter like consistency by adding vanilla and water so I’m curious to try it out myself.

 I made sure to check the calories before I bought any of these items to ensure that they would be a good fit in my life and not too unhealthy.

I’m excited to try them!

Another unrelated sidenote:

This is my dog, Frank. I mention him only because as I sit here blogging, his smell keeps hitting my nose and is making me slightly sick to my stomach.

 He is the stinkiest, laziest dog you’ll ever meet. He’s also the most lovable.

When I got him 6 1/2 years ago, I fell in love immediately. I was hoping he’d be my running partner, but he can barely walk a mile without needing to be picked up and carried or just dropping to the ground and refusing to move.

I tried running with him a few times and was so frustrated by how hard I had to drag him that I gave up on it forever.

Oh well…at least he is adorable!


I had to come back and add one more cutie pie pic of Frankie Moons. This was from our Ugly Christmas Sweater party…he got into the action, too!

How cute is he??

(Oh and yes, my husband’s outfit is RIDICULOUSLY bad and he totally got voted the ugliest Christmas outfit at the party!! haha)

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  1. Ahh thanks for the shoutout!! Peanut flour is AWESOME. It’s really good mixed into oats too because it has so much protein! Enjoy!

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