It’s Official!

I had to take a screen shot to show proof because I have a hard time believing it myself!

I have officially signed up for the OC half-marathon!

The race is in just 33 days on May 1st, 2011.

It will be 4 days shy of my 32nd birthday.

I’m a little nervous…

(or a lot).

But there is also a big part of me that is confident that I can do it.


My run yesterday was amazing.

Hardest run I’ve ever done in my life.

But amazing.

I finally got up the guts to join the rest of my workout team instead of just running on my own.

The goal was 8 and 1/2 miles.

Now, I’ve run 7 miles and actually have felt good doing it, so I knew 8 1/2 was possible.

However, my runs are usually fairly flat. Well, I take that back. After my run yesterday, I can say that my runs are TOTALLY flat! haha

These hills were CRAZY!

The first 5 miles I felt great except I had to pee ridiculously badly! So badly in fact, that at mile 4, I actually stopped and went in a random porta-potty on the side of a local park – GROSS!!

Those first 5 miles there was a combination of big hills and big downhills, so it wasn’t all cake and I was still able to stay at the head of the pack.

The last 4.8 miles were tough. The last 3 miles were all uphill with no break. Some long and gradual uphills…and lots of steep uphills., but no flat parts…no downhill.

Just constantly



and more up.


But I did it.

Oh ya…did I mention that it was in the rain?

The last 2 miles, I was dying. I was moving at a snails pace. Walkers probably could have passed me. But I was running.

I can always tell when I’ve hit my “longest run peak”, as I call it.

Last week, I had run 7 and yesterday I could tell when I hit that distance because my body started dragging.

I knew I would finish and I wouldn’t quit, but I was hurting.

I couldn’t believe when we finally got to the park at the top of the hill and we were done!

I can’t say that I felt amazing. Not right away anyway!

I felt tired.

I felt soaking wet.

I felt chilled to the bone.

And I did feel proud.

I definitely was not giddy like after my last run, even though I had accomplished a huge goal.

I was too tired for giddy…haha.

I also asked my husband to go with me yesterday afternoon to drive the actual half marathon course so I could see what I was up against.

After doing that, I knew for sure I was signing up!

It seemed so much easier than the run I had just done!!

It is a mostly flat course with big portions of it looking out at the Pacific Ocean with the most breathtaking views. I would have taken pictures as we went, but I had a baby in the backseat who was getting rather impatient so we were trying to keep things moving pretty quickly. The parts without the ocean views are through really nice neighborhoods or on running trails…all in all a very nice course.

I was actually really excited last night when we got home.

I am going to run 13.1 miles!!

When I was in Runners World buying my sneakers last weekend, there were these stickers at the checkout:

I joked about getting one (at that point, I was almost positive that I was NOT going to run it.)

Now just 9 days later, it is a borderline reality.

In 33 days, I will run a half marathon.

And you bet your ass I’m going back to that store to get that sticker when I do!


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  1. Congratulations! I can’t wait until I am ready to run a half!! I bet that signing up still feels really surreal at this point but it sounds like you will have no problems! you will do fantastic!! : )

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