3 responses to “Stretching it Out

  1. Funny, I have never stretched before or after running either and have also never been injured… I guess they say, you either always stretch or never stretch… Great read


  2. I have the same problem with flexibility — my muscles always feel so tightly wound! I totally failed that sit-and-reach part of the Presidential Fitness Test in HS (“I AM reaching — this is as far as I go!”).

    I have noticed a lot of the hardcore runner bloggers use a foam roller to stretch out — have you ever tried using one of those? I think I’m going to pick one up and give it a whirl.

    • amybart

      Haha…I think you are describing me doing the V sit reach in high school! So unflexible! haha
      I actually have just heard of the foam roller and have used one once…but I’m actually looking to buy one soon…funny that you ask! Let me know if you try one out and like it (or have any tips!)

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