Asian Night

I have never before attempted any type of Asian style cooking, with the exception of the occasional stir fry or chicken and broccoli over rice type deal, so last night was a first for me.

I knew I wanted to make something with a peanut sauce so I decided to make a healthy version of chicken satay and pad thai. Actually I have no idea if my noodles were like pad thai, but I think so. 🙂

I’ll show you the finished product and then tell you how I did it:

I also made a healthy egg roll to go with it!

(Is it me or does this plate look like it is missing something? It’s only in the picture though because in real life it was a ridiculous amount of food!!)

So to make the sauce I used:
2 tbsp soy sauce

2 tbsp rice vinegar

1 tbsp fish sauce

2 tbsp sweet red chili sauce

40 grams peanut flour

1 tsp minced garlic

1 tsp ginger

juice of half of a lime

1 tbsp water

This made a perfect amount of sauce for a dinner for 2. It is easy to adjust to make it either for one or add for more!

I boiled some Smart Taste Ronzoni spaghetti (I did 4 oz for my hubs and I to share):

I cut the 2 chicken breast halves into long strips and marinated them in half the sauce. Then instead of grilling them on skewers, I just pan sauteed them until they were just cooked through (too inconvenient to run to the grill with an almost 9 month old haha).

I added the cooked pasta to the chicken and added the rest of the peanut sauce. I mixed in a bag of vegetable stir fry:

(cabbage, carrots, broccoli and snow peas)

Oh! And I forgot to take a picture but I also sliced up two big mushrooms and added those to the mix as well.

Then while I let that sit in the pan, letting the flavors come together, I set to work on my egg rolls.

I had NO idea what I was doing haha…just that I saw these in the grocery store and thought they looked fun:

The wrappers are only 170 calories for 3, so I figured one egg roll would be perfect for only 57 calories!

To make the filling I used:
1/2 cup stir fry veggie mix minus the snow peas and broccoli(I had another bag)

1/2 cup bagged coleslaw mix (just more shredded cabbage and carrots)

2 tbsp water

2 tbsp soy sauce

2 ounces leftover chicken breast

I cut the small piece of chicken into teeny tiny pieces and sauteed them. In the meantime, I was letting the veggies soak in the water/soy sauce mixture. I took the veggies out of the soy sauce and added them to the chicken pieces and stirred it together. In the bowl that had the soy sauce and water, I added 1 tbsp white wheat flour and mixed it together to develop a paste-like consistency. Then I added this (save the leftover paste from the bowl for the next step though!) back to the pan with the chicken and veggies and let it come together.

I laid out one egg roll wrapper with one corner pointing at me. I put half of the mixture on the corner and rolled it over once. Then I folded the left and right sides in and rolled it the rest of the way. Use a tiny bit of the flour paste to seal the egg roll shut.

I had just enough mixture for 2 egg rolls, but truth be told, I would have liked them a little more stuffed. If I do When I do this recipe again, I will at least double the filling amounts, if not more.

I put 2 tsp of olive oil in a pan and cooked the egg rolls about 2-3 minutes on one side and then about a minute on the other side.

Just to remind you, this was the finished product:

Verdict: It was delicious!! (Surprise! Would I really be posting the recipe if it had sucked? haha)

I couldn’t believe I was basically experimenting with a new recipe and it came out so yummy! (haha…I’m usually a trial and error kind of girl where it takes at least 2 tries to perfect something!)

Even my hubs, Joe liked it!

The calorie total for half of the recipe was 735, which is pretty high for a dinner, but I had them to spare because I burned 500 yesterday running and 200 when I went for a walk.

Plus I counted the calories for half of the entire prepared meal, but neither one of us ate a full half. There was actually enough leftover for my husband to take a container to work for lunch today so it was probably closer to 600 calories for my serving (I tend to overestimate to be on the safe side, though, so I kept the full 735 in MyFitnessPal calorie counter!)

I am definitely making this one again!!


Running news:

Yesterday’s run was supposed to be fast and flat and between 3-4 miles. I told myself I would focus more on speed since the distance was so much less than I’ve been doing.

I waited until after dinner to run which was a total act of self-sabotage. I almost always will use a full stomach as an excuse to put off my workout til the next day.

But I knew, now that I am officially signed up for the half, that I didn’t want to miss a running day.


Plus, I’ve really been pushing myself lately with the thought:
There are 2 types of people…people who give up when the odds are against them…and the people who fight through it.

It is up to me to make sure I am someone who gets it done and not let excuses run my life anymore.



even though I didn’t hydrate enough during the day


even though I had a hugely full stomach and knew I would feel sick


even though it was too late to run outside because it was dark and I’d have to run on the treadmill


even though my husband and I had to take turns going to the gym and it meant I would barely see him before 9pm,

I went

and I ran.
I actually ran faster than I have ever run in my life I think.

4 miles in 35:13 means I ran all 4 miles at a pace under 9 minutes apiece…

8 min 48.25 seconds to be exact.

(I used Cool Running’s Pace Calculator to figure my time…I love it!)

I’ve done that pace with one mile before, maybe even two…but I’ve never come close to that pace for a full 4 miles.


Lately I am learning that the secret to building self confidence

(something that has always eluded me)

is pushing through and challenging myself to go outside of what is comfortable

instead of letting excuses take hold.

(and yes I just had to google whether it was alluded or eluded)

It is a nice feeling…I think I’ll keep it for awhile.


Random unrelated sidenote:

I spent yesterday afternoon cuddling up with my amazing crib sleeper

as a way to practice how to nap on mommy

(for when we fly in 2 weeks)

I know, I know…it’s a tough job but somebody’s gotta do it!



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3 responses to “Asian Night

  1. Your dinner looks amazing!!!

  2. I know maybe this isn’t the correct spot to write this comment, but I LOVE your blog. I can relate to many of your struggles, and I, too, went to Syracuse University (I got my M.A. at Newhouse). I also have gone through periods of time when I drink too heavily because I don’t want to face my insecurities.

    I’m inspired by your great progress, and I’m glad I found your blog.

    • amybart

      Wow! I don’t care where you write it…that was soo nice to hear!! Thank you! I felt the same way when I found your blog the other day!!

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