New Way of Thinking

My run yesterday SUCKED.

Yes, I’m proud I did it.

But it sucked…pretty much starting from Mile 1.

But I didn’t stop.

And surprisingly, I didn’t hate every second…even though, remember, it totally sucked.

So I took the 76 minutes of running to think about what was different…

Why the run could be super hard and unpleasant and still enjoyable at the same time.


Old me: I have a stomach ache. I literally feel like I have to go to the bathroom. At mile 1. There is no way I am going to make it to mile 6. There is no way that I can do this…not with a stomach ache.

New me: I have a stomach ache. Yup, it sucks. But…if I can finish these 6 miles with a stomach ache, I freaking can do anything! Let’s do this.


Old me: Wow, I just finished 2 miles. That seemed to take forever. I’ve already had a stomach ache for a full mile at this point. Can I really do 4 more miles feeling like this. Looking back over these previous 2 miles, my run has already seemed so far. It is going to take me forever to finish this.

New me: Wow, I just finished 2 miles. To finish six miles, I only have to do that again 2 more times. I’m here and I’m fine after doing it once. I can do it 2 more times again. I know I can.


Old me: This wind totally sucks. I feel so much resistance that it feels like I’m running 5x harder than normal. If the wind is this bad for the rest of the run, I am going to be dying the whole time.

New me: This wind totally sucks. When the wind dies down for a second, I feel like I’m sprinting. It makes me feel so fast! When I finish, I can say these 6 miles were done with a stomach ache and in heavy, difficult-to-run-in-winds and I still did it!


I guess you sort of get the picture.

The total discomfort and suckiness of the run had not changed.

The only thing that changed was my own thinking.

I can’t begin to tell you the difference it made.

I have really come to believe in repeating those positive affirmations to myself.

Call it cheesy (no, I mean it, go ahead, call it cheesy, it totally is) but it really works.

I have spent my whole life with negative self talk and all it left me was fat, unhappy, and insecure.

I pretty much hated who I was.
I didn’t trust my own opinions or felt comfortable speaking in a group of new people.


now that I have begun talking to myself in a totally positive,

Little Engine that Could – I think I can,

wait – I KNOW I can,

I am strong,

I am amazing

type voice

(thankfully it is mostly done inside my own head, but I will admit to probably sounding occasionally crazy where it is not just my inner monologue)


So I really don’t care if it is cheesy.

Why should we go around hating ourselves? Talking ourselves down?

Let’s talk ourselves up instead!

I promise you, it works.

I have a big fear of dying (yeah, who doesn’t, I know)

but one thing it does for me is remind me that we have a limited amount of time on this planet

to do with what we choose.

We can choose to be our biggest cheerleader or our own worst enemy.

It’s our call.



I always love that inspirational quote you see all over healthy living blogs (and pretty much anywhere):

Whether you think you can

or think you can’t

you’re right.


Oh yeah…and you might have noticed that my run says 7 miles when the whole time I was talking about doing 6.

I figured if suffering through a sucky run with bad wind and a stomach ache for 6 miles could prove I was tough,

then 7 miles would mean I was badass.


See, I told you it works.

How has your thinking changed as you’ve moved through your healthiness journey?

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