Weekend Reflections

This morning I woke up in a great mood and I think I was still coming off the high of a such an amazing weekend.

We didn’t even do that much, but sometimes just spending time with the hubs and my little McGee is all I need!

Some quick thoughts:

#1: Yesterday was a gorgeous day that began very, very early at 5:30 am.


The sky was perfectly blue and it was still chilly so it was ideal for a morning run.

My photography skills on my iphone are poor at best when the sun is shining so brightly that I can’t see the screen!!


#2: I braved my first attempt at an 11 mile run.

There were only 3 of us running and both girls were faster than me

so I had a ton of time to myself.


#3: I finally decided no on the whole fanny pack water thingy…too much to deal with as I am running.

But…it did come with this:

which I filled with orange gatorade

and carried the whole time like this:
No hand modeling jobs for me πŸ™‚

But it was not annoying at all to carry and I loved having the gatorade with me.

Running for me is entirely mental

and it carried me from mile to mile, knowing I’d give myself one sip at each.

It was only 4.5 oz so the rationing was important. I ran out at mile 9 so the last two miles I just put it to my lips and tried to squeeze out any last drop.

My husband thinks it is hilarious that I spend $40 on a water belt and all I use is the tiny 4.5 oz water bottle that came with it.



#4: I am a podcast convert.

I have always sworn by my music playlist when running, but I read a post the other day on Meals and Miles that talked about using audiobooks to keep the mind busy.

Some commenters even mentioned downloading free podcasts to listen to…and after looking up the price of the audiobooks I decided podcasts were perfect for me! (It was $26 for the book Unbroken on iTunes! I wanted to read it so badly, but could not justify that price AT ALL.)

I listened to these guys:

Stuff You Should Know

It’s just a couple of guys talking about stuff.

I listened to one podcast yesterday during my run about Sherpas and another about Japanese internment camps during WWII.

I am a fan of non-fiction books so I figured that these discussions would interest me in the same way and I was right.

It was a light enough discussion where I could lower the volume and chat with the other two girls and not really miss anything for 15 minutes,

but interesting enough that when I turned it back up, I’d get right back into it.

Plus, you feel like you are doing something nice for your brain at the same time you are doing something nice for your body.

Translation: It made me feel smart.

I definitely was surprised at how much I preferred it to my music.

Then again, one of the songs on my playlist was Miley Cyrus, so….

Anyway, moving on.



I completed 11 miles for the first time in my life yesterday.

I ran the whole way without walking (minus having to stop once to pee!).

I hit 11 miles at 1 hour and 59 minutes…

which just so happened to be the same exact time I ran 10.5 miles in last weekend!

We did have less hills on this run, but I know our pace was also a lot faster because I was the slowest one in the group of 3.

I was on a high yesterday all day:

Ok..so it is not exactly a great picture to demonstrate my good mood!

But I really was feeling good.

Actually physically as well as mentally. I wasn’t even that sore or tired yesterday which is the first long run that I have had where I felt that way.

I was exhausted from waking up at 5:30, but other than that..

We ran a beautiful course in Newport Beach called Back Bay and it was basically one big loop

(minus our one little wrong turn around mile 3 haha):
There were tons of runners and bikers and folks out walking their dogs…just some nice, relaxing early morning exercise.

It was nice because part of this loop is part of the OC Half Marathon course that I will be running in 3 weeks.


I just checked my calendar.

The race is technically in 3 weeks

minus 1 day.

Just a few weeks ago, I was running 3 miles and it felt challenging.

In 20 days, I am going to run 13.1.


And the last thought I’ll leave you with from my amazing weekend:

Finishing up our bedtime routine last night with my beautiful baby girl…who turns 9 months old tomorrow.
(FYI: Her real name is not McGee, but it is our funny little nickname that has stuck!)

I thank God for all of the amazing blessings he has given us!


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2 responses to “Weekend Reflections

  1. I completely agree with you – my struggle with running is entirely mental. I like the little water bottle with a sip per mile. Nice little something to look forward to!

    • amybart

      Haha! Missy that is exactly what it was for me…a little taste of heaven that I looked forward to. Ahh, the little things. πŸ™‚

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