The Secret I’ve Discovered – A Letter to my Mom

Recently, my mom expressed in an email that she wanted to lose some weight. She is truly beautiful, but like us all, wants to feel a little bit better about herself. She asked me if I would help her out once I move home. I wrote her the following email and realized it really summed up my experience pretty accurately, so I thought I would share it here as well:
Dear Mom,
Family support from you guys is the #1 way I lost my 90 pounds back in the day so I would totally be willing to return the favor when we move home if u wanted a little support. I actually wish I could do this for a living someday…where I could help others achieve what I’ve achieved…because these changes have made me so happy…so in short – I would love to help you!
The difference for me this time around is I view all of this as healthy choices for life and not just a temporary thing to lose weight. I’ve also taken away the emotional connection to eating…no eating badly as a reward for something or because it’s a holiday or I’m on a vacation (these parts I’ve actually found to be easier than I anticipated)…no eating badly because I’ve had a bad day (this one I find more challenging!)…no picking at things as I cook or mindless snacking due to boredom.
If I want a splurge I have to think it through and weigh the pros and cons of having it. Most times, I decide it’s not worth it because of how it will make me feel afterwards either physically or mentally but sometimes I decide it is worth it and go right ahead… Like the night we got the big ice cream fun cones on vacation….worth every bite and no guilt attached.
It has taken me a long time to get to this place but I feel very in control in a positive way. I still have slip ups but I just analyze what went wrong in order to try to prevent it from happening again. I also use a free iPhone app called my fitness pal to count calories while I’m trying to actually lose (it’s helped me lose about 14 pounds in 8 weeks!) but I am confident I can maintain without counting calories every day once I get to my goal weight since I didn’t count calories on vaca and had lost 4 more pounds when I’d gotten home!
Anyway I would totally be willing to help anytime you’d like! I have never felt better and this is not my lowest weight even…it is just about how I feel. I think you look beautiful but I know it isn’t always about how we look but rather how we feel.
I really believe the secret to success is completely mental.
It’s about no longer viewing it as a temporary, painful experience that you must suffer through.
I don’t look at eating healthy as painful and difficult anymore.
Not easy by any means, but challenges in life can be good…and can show us what we’re really made of.
The only part of my experience that has truly been painful and difficult
were the years
 that I was miserable and unhappy
because I made decisions that were not good for my mind and body.
I’m not wasting anymore time.

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