Half Marathon Recap – Part 1: Preparing for the Race

I was eerily relaxed yesterday about running the half marathon.

Concerned about the problem with my calf, obviously, but not feeling any nerves about running.

Which is odd.
I am naturally a nervous person.

I kept myself pretty busy.

I stretched a lot…and foam rolled:


I went and got an improptu deep muscle “massage”(I quote it because I don’t believe any thing that intensely painful
should have anything to do with such a relaxing sounding word!!) from my trainer friend…

who took pity on me and worked on my right calf muscle yesterday morning.

God bless her.


Then I went and picked up my bib and race info at the Health and Fitness Expo held at the OC Fairgrounds.







and my swag bag:


(contents of swag bag):

and race shirt:


It was actually one of those really good running shirts and not just a cotton t-shirt so I was pretty excited.

Plus, it says half-marathon on it which I was really happy to see.

I totally would have bought more clothing items at the expo, a long sleeve or jacket, announcing to the world that I’d run a half marathon, but everything they were selling said OC Marathon on the front.

I told the guy selling them that I felt like an imposter wearing something that only says Marathon.

He gave me a blank stare.

I moved on.

I carbo loaded mid day with some regular (ooh! not high fiber this time…so exciting!) angel hair pasta and drank tons of water…

all day long.


Went for a beautiful evening walk with my handsome hubs and beautiful baby girl…


and was able to easily talk them both into stopping for some fat free frozen yogurt. 🙂


I laid out all of my race gear for the next morning, had a snack (piece of bread with peanut-flour-turned-peanut-butter and banana slices), and set my alarm for 3:15 am.


Yup, that’s right. 3:15 in the freakin’ morning.

Crazy right?

Haha…it actually wasn’t that bad in all honesty.

I was able to fall asleep relatively easily by 10 pm so I got about 5 hours of sleep.

I don’t want to bore you with a ridiculously long post, so I’ll post part 2 of my Half Marathon Recap – Race Day tomorrow!!

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