Change of Plans

This weekend I was supposed to be heading to NY to celebrate my little sister’s bridal shower.

And bachelorette party.

She is my best friend and I have been looking forward to this weekend for months.

Notice the use of the words “supposed to”.

Monday night, my 10 1/2 month old baby girl woke up numerous times crying…

which is totally unlike her.

She felt hot so I took her temp at 11:30 and it was around 101.

When I took it again at 4:30, it had skyrocketed to 104.5 and I started to get a little panicked.

A trip to the doctor’s office when they opened

resulted in a urinary catheterization in order to rule out a urinary tract infection

after the doctor on call determined her ears and throat looked fine.

In case you are unfamiliar, getting a urine sample in this manner involves inserting a tube into my daughter’s bladder via her urethra in order to drain it.

I had to hold my baby’s upper body down as she screamed and 2 nurses did the procedure.

Not fun.

At the doctor’s office, her temp was 102.6 right before I gave her a dose of tylenol, so technically unmedicated.

By the afternoon, her temp had risen to above 104.5 even with the medication.

I was starting to get worried.

My normally happy baby had gone

from this:

to this:

Doesn’t she look so cute and pathetic all at the same time?

She was lethargic and sleepy all day…and not crawling, walking or playing.

She just wanted to snuggle on mommy.

I know, that doesn’t sound half bad,

if it weren’t for the fact that it meant she must have been reaaaaaally sick.

The doctor on call had told me that morning and again when she called to check on Caleigh

that a fever should be no problem for us to fly home the next day (today).

But yesterday afternoon, her actual pediatrician called and

I swear he came just short of calling me a bad mother for even considering it.

Can’t doctors agree on anything?

At this point I was totally thrown for a loop

since I had no idea that was coming

thanks to the first doctor acting like it was no big deal.

Looking back, I feel like an idiot that I was considering still getting up at 3 am to catch a flight at 6 am

when I had a baby with a 104 fever.

But, boy, its amazing what stock I put in a doctor’s advice and the confidence her opinion had given me.

Her telling me it was okay made it okay and I never once questioned it.

But as soon as I talked to Caleigh’s actual doctor, I knew there was no way we were going.

Her fever continued to stay high all night and she had trouble falling asleep, despite how exhausted she was.

We even contemplated taking her to the emergency room because we were worried she was getting too dehydrated.

Then she managed to fall asleep on me, curled up on my shoulder in the fetal position, in the rocking chair in her room.

Something I’ve been dying for her to do since she was born…

only this was not how I pictured it.

Eventually we got her to fall asleep in her crib and we were elated beyond belief when she slept from 10 pm – 5:30 am.

Today her temp has ranged from 102.6 down to 99.0, spending most of the day around 100.5…

which is a huge relief because it shows she is definitely on the mend.

She also has napped approximately 6 1/2 hours today compared to her normal 3 hours which shows she desperately needed sleep.

I can’t say she was 100% herself today, but I do feel like I have my little girl back.

It really is a scary thing to watch your baby actually be so sick.

I’m completely disappointed that we won’t be able to go home now

for the shower and bachelorette party

since my sister is my best friend

and along with my older sister, I am her matron of honor.

I love her so much and even though I know she completely understands, I still wish I could be there.

But, I find that I can’t be anything other than thankful that this turned out to be nothing serious and

Caleigh is going to be just fine.

God answered my prayers and I am so grateful for that.


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12 responses to “Change of Plans

  1. Oh no! I’m so sorry Caleigh had to go through that and that you missed the shower, but glad to hear she is doing better now!

  2. I am SO glad that Caleigh is doing so much better, I can only imagine how scary that was. You made the right decision for your family and I am sure that your sister understands though I know it’s hard to miss such an important occasion. It’s all the time you have spent together and the time you will spend together in the future that is the most important 🙂

    • amybart

      You’re completely right, Jenny…I’m totally okay with it now because well, I have to be! But, I was super bummed all day yesterday. I’m sure when Saturday rolls around, I’ll be sad I’m missing the fun, but my sister 100% understands and only cares that Caleigh is feeling better! Thanks for such positive words!

  3. SOOO scary! Oh, poor baby. And poor you! I can’t even imagine how that must have felt.

    So glad she is feeling better! I know you are disappointed about missing the shower, but better to be safe than sorry. I’m sure there will be lots of ways for you to celebrate your sister’s wedding 🙂

    • amybart

      Thanks, Alison! It was definitely scary to see my little baby acting so sick…glad that is all done with for sure! My husband and I both agree, this is definitely a big reason why we have made the decision to move back to NY!

      • That’s exciting! Where in NY are you headed — LI? Or maybe the NYC-area 🙂 ?

      • amybart

        haha…actually we are really far upstate…north to albany and then west from there…which is a entirely different world compared to LI or NYC!! haha

      • LOL — I guess when I think of NY I just think of the places I am most familiar with 🙂 But it is a huge state!! I have friends from Rochester, Buffalo and Syracuse (and a lot of SU grad friends), so I do have a bit of a sense of things in the rest (big part) of the state.

        I would be very happy to live near the Carousel Mall… 🙂

  4. Poor Caleigh! I will keep you ALL in my prayers! She looks adorable in both pictures and I’m just s sorry you had to go through that experience of her having such a high temperature :/ I hope she gets better ASAP!!

  5. amybart

    Thanks, Allie! She is feeling so much better today! We totally appreciate your prayers…they worked!!

  6. pawsitivelife

    Im so glad your baby is doing better…it must be so tough for a mom..very impressive meal plan..i usually just plan my dinners, not as organized as you

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