Monday Meal Plan – (On Tuesday!)

Staying home in California this weekend instead of traveling to NY, I had plenty of time to get ready for the week ahead.

I’m really feeling like I’m flying by the seat of my pants lately…not tracking as accurately and planning a little bit after the fact.

Since I already do a weekly meal plan in order to grocery shop each weekend…

and I already write down/type everything I eat all week to track my calories…

I took a stab at compiling it in one spot in order to keep myself focused

and be able to share with you:

I’m supposed to have 1200 calories a day plus extra activity calories,

so I typically plan to eat 1100 calories a day to leave room for snacks as needed.

Snacks usually consist of one, two, or any combination of the following:

*wasa cracker with laughing cow


*dark chocolate chips, melted with fruit to dip

*greek yogurt

*Puffins cereal

*Kashi blueberry cereal

*coffee with creamer

or something similar.

I compiled my menu and then hit up Albertsons tonight.

I spent $94 which is about 20-30 dollars more than I usually spend on our weekly groceries,

but I did pick up some extras that accounted for $39 dollars worth of the weekly bill!!

*12 containers of baby food for my daughter and an expensive box of cheerios = $15

(yes, we discovered this week she actually doesn’t like generic…10 1/2 months old!)

*a box of 12 Trail Mix power bars for my husband = $12

*one totally unnecessary splurge:

I was looking for some healthy snacks…these nuts were on sale ($6.79 each down to $4 each) and the nutritional info wasn’t that far off regular nuts. But the fact remains, I spent $12 on NUTS. oh well. They are delicious!


the rest of the money got me those pricey items PLUS all of this:

Pictured above: 7 bananas, 2 ears of corn, 2 zucchinis, 1 onion, 1 tomato, 1 lime, baby carrots, 3 containers of blueberries, 1 large container of strawberries, dozen eggs, light sour cream, 2 loaves of whole wheat bread, 3 greek yogurts with fruit, coffee mate, spaghetti sauce, light alfredo sauce, creole seasoning…and the pricey stuff I mentioned earlier!

When you take out all of my splurge/baby items, I spent only $55 on all the rest!

So I feel prepared for the week…with lots of good for me, yummy food at hand and a menu ready to keep me in line.


Unrelated Sidenote #1: My baby girl is totally back to normal, health-wise and feeling great!

Even though we were disappointed to be unable to go to NY, we decided that California is not exactly roughing it…

and we are pretty lucky to live here!

Trying to take advantage of living so close to the Pacific, we went to the ocean twice this weekend.

Once for a beach day:

And then again today for breakfast on the pier and a beautiful walk on the boardwalk:

It was a great reminder of how blessed we are and

definitely helped me to not focus so much on what I was missing back home.

Unrelated Sidenote #2: Joe and I ran 9 miles on Saturday morning (he decided he wants to run a half though we have none that we are signed up for in the near future). It was his first time running that far and he was AMAZING! He pushed our jogging stroller 7.5 out of the 9 miles!! It’s true…I have the most incredible husband. ๐Ÿ™‚ I was so proud of him. A few years ago he tried running one mile and could barely do it without needing an inhaler…now he’s a freaking tank who runs 9 miles pushing a stroller. I swear, that man can do anything he sets his mind to. I love that he is keeping me running long distances, too, even though my half was a month ago. Running really has become part of our family, which I love.

On that same note, I decided that on Sunday I wanted to run by myself since most of my runs have been with other people lately.

I really felt like I wanted to put my playlist on and just


I have to say…running alone felt perfect.

I really pushed myself and did my best time for a 5k, practice or otherwise, in my life:

26 minutes and 17 seconds

I have never run this fast, but my last 2 miles were both 8 minute miles!

I felt really proud and it totally made me feel like all of my hard work was worth it when I saw how much I have shaved off my time.

I 100% absolutely love running now.

I no longer view it a as a tedious chore that Iย have to do.

I actually look forward to it…

and enjoy it.

And I feel so lucky for that.

That…and about a million other things!


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4 responses to “Monday Meal Plan – (On Tuesday!)

  1. So happy your baby girl is feeling better and back to normal! California is certainly BEAUTIFUL and it looks like you guys made the best of your situation ๐Ÿ™‚

    So happy that you are enjoying running and GREAT job on that 3mi run!

  2. That is an amazing 5K time!! You were flying — congrats!!

    I loved seeing your menu for the week, it is really interesting (and useful) to see what works for others.

    I am so jealous of those beach pics (and I love the tent on the beach — genius, and perfect for a pale peacock like me).

    And I am so glad Caleigh is feeling better! Gosh, she is just so stinkin’ cute! That little face is just too adorable ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. amybart

    Thanks, Alison…we are super lucky to live in Cali and absolutely love it…which is going to make it hard to leave in a couple of months…but the NYC area isn’t too shabby in terms of awesome places to live either!! haha

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