Sickness, Sickness…go away!

Two weeks ago, my little 10 month old baby girl had a cold and was teething all week.

Last week, she came down with a super high fever of 105 for 3 days, causing us to miss our trip to NY.

This week, I spent Tuesday in the ER with my husband who was hooked up to an IV with morphine for excruciating (and still unexplained) stomach pains that have been plaguing him all week.

In my head, I’ve been thinking…

can’t we catch a break?

We are all exhausted.

Then I started thinking…

how much worse it could have been…

Caleigh’s fever could have been extremely dangerous…and yet it went away after only a few days.

Joe’s stomach pains could have been an indication there was something more serious going on, but all tests have proven otherwise.

And I stumbled upon this blog post by Jenny…

which led me to this heart wrenching blog post by Caitlin…

and subsequently spent the evening in tears.

What this woman is having to deal with…

with no warning

and no time to prepare

and no one to make it go away…

makes my “problems” pale in comparison.

She and her family are beautiful…and are taking a terrible situation and trying to make the best of it…

one day at a time.

Things like this just make you realize that we only get one life…

and we choose

each and every day

the manner in which we will spend our time here on earth.

I feel silly for even wasting any time on worrying about things that don’t matter…

when I should instead be spending my time thanking God for all the blessings he has given me


enjoying every minute with my family.

So short and sweet today.

Head over to Caitlin’s page and read the story…

and then don’t even pause…head right over to Tonya’s page to donate.

This is a beautiful family who needs a little extra help to get through a very tough time.


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2 responses to “Sickness, Sickness…go away!

  1. Followed you over from your comment! – Your daughter is ADORABLE. I’m sorry to hear about all of the crap you’ve been dealling with lately.

    Isn’t that story just INCREDIBLY heartbreaking? It has definitely made me take pause about what I complain about the past few days. So many of my thoughts and prayers go out to Tonya and her family!

  2. Sometimes I think seeing other people and understanding what they are going through can really help us see things in perspective! I hope everyone feels better soon 🙂

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