A Revelation and 5k Race Recap

My beautiful little baby is getting ready to turn one in five short weeks and I have been busy planning how we will celebrate.

I decided I wanted to make her a fun, cute looking birthday cake…and I decided I wanted to use fondant and make it look really professional.

Not ever having used fondant before (and hearing it could be difficult to work with), I decided to do a practice cake.

This was the result:

Then I added ribbon to hide the imperfections…and voila:

It was a yellow cake with buttercream frosting and then white fondant on top of that. And even though her colors will be different (I’m doing hot pink and orange for her party), the general idea was the same.

And I was pretty impressed with how it came out considering it was my first time!

Then I went to clean up.

And it took me a half an hour to get the crisco off of all of my bowls, spoons, mixers, etc.

I scrubbed

added some soap

and scrubbed some more.

It left such a coating on everything I began to get super frustrated.

As I scraped more of it off the bowl and pushed it down the drain into the garbage disposal, I asked my husband,

“Do you think this is going to clog the disposal? It can’t be good for the pipes can it?”

Then a though clicked in my head…and aha moment if you will:

This annoying junk that I can’t get off of my pots and pans…that I am worried about hurting my garbage disposal…


I immediately began picturing what something like crisco does when you ingest it (or butter really too…but boy that crisco is thick). It must literally coat everything it touches inside of you.


No wonder people have heart attacks!

Even though the previous 3 hours of my day had been spent working on and perfecting this cake, I decided right there on the spot that there was no way I would be serving that cake to my family.

My husband and I have been really great about making this whole “healthy living” thing part of our lives and not just a passing phase…but for some reason, we got swept up in the excitement of having a fun, traditional first birthday party and and lost sight of what our goals were.

I have been researching some healthier cake options for Caleigh’s party and plan on using either a healthy whole wheat carrot cake or something similar.

It won’t be 100% healthy, but it also won’t be 100% junk either…and I’ll take the former over the latter any day.

Quick 5k Race Recap:

Not a bad swag bag for a 5k...great t-shirt, reusable bag, 2 power bars, fruit strip, suncreen and some coupons!


My gear


Joe, Caleigh and I with our friends who were running their first 5k!

Our family!

Kisses! Oops...I wasn't ready!

That's better!

The Finish Line

The boys with Caleigh after they finished the Men's Race

The girls after we finished our race!

Jill's mom...enjoying the gourmet breakfast provided for all runners/walkers afterwards...they completed the 2 mile walk!

Jill's dad...post walk!


We had a great time and I was so proud of my friend, Jill…she just started the couch to 5k a couple of months ago and on Saturday she completed her first race and is already running up to 5 miles without stopping!! Whoo hoo!


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6 responses to “A Revelation and 5k Race Recap

  1. pawsitivelife

    Well at lease the cake looked good! But you are right you have to stick to your goals and ideals all the time, not just when its convinient

    • amybart

      Thanks! I was sort of bummed I couldn’t use it! But I will still try to make something fun, just not quite that bad for us…haha.

  2. The cake looks wonderful 🙂
    I understand the revelation though 😉

  3. You did a great job on the cake! And I can totally understand your thinking. I feel the same way when I clean up the pot after making regular (white) pasta. All that sticky gluten is like paper mache — and I wonder why I don’t feel good after eating that.

    I am sure you’ll be able to find a great cake recipe — the fact that you’ll be making it yourself and controlling the ingredients is so important! And you’ll be making it with the best ingredient of all: love!

  4. amybart

    Thanks, Alison! Oh no…I never thought about/noticed that with the pasta…hahaha…I bet I will look at it differently now, too! I’m kind of excited to find another new recipe to use for her birthday now…so that should be fun!

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