Still Here

Just an update that I am still here…I’ve just been having difficulty finding the time to put my words down on….the computer screen? I was gonna say paper but boy that sure didn’t fit!

I’ve had a million ups and downs in the last 3 months…

but my weight is one thing that has stayed pretty much the same…(give or take a few pounds).

I’m still running…


I’m not doing strength training as often as I’d like…maybe once a week.

But –

I’m conscious.

I’m aware.

I’m paying attention to my mistakes

but I’m also trying to turn them into positives.

I’ve had a lot of down days…

*days where I’ve made cookie dough just to eat half the batch when I had a broken oven and knew when I started collecting all of the ingredients that there was no way in hell I would be able to actually bake them in the first place

(and….breath…phew, that was a mouthful)

*days where I’ve sat on the couch and not pushed myself beyond my comfort zone because I felt weak

*days where I’ve cried about…well just about anything really

*days that I’ve spent bickering with my poor husband because my insecurities and self-consciousness has brought out the best worst in me

But those days…

the days spent in that dark place

will never be comfortable

will never be considered normal

will never be part of who I am


They are just stopovers

just brief pauses in a very long life of good decisions.

So I won’t dwell.

I’ll just update and report that yesterday and today were good days.

Tomorrow will be a good day.

Unrelated Sidenote:

#1: My two friends (the ones that ran the 5k with us last month) my hubs and my baby girl (in the BOB) and I will be running a 10k on Saturday morning. This is quickly turning into one of my favorite distances to run so I’m excited to see how I feel during the race. It is a long enough distance where I feel like I have really had a good, hard run but it is not so far that I really need to train for it. I like that feeling!

#2: Caleigh’s first birthday party is on Sunday!! I have been busy getting ready for this for a while and I am very excited! We already held one party for her back in NY with our friends and family back home…but now this is for our Cali peeps. I’m using a lot of the same decorations that we used in NY but adding a little bit more to spruce it up this time around.

One quick sneak peak:

If you remember from my previous post the bday invites we sent were in the shape of lollipops and our color scheme is pink and orange.

In addition to her smash cake and cupcakes (carrot cake) and the bigger birthday cake (chocolate with buttercream), I am also making cookies…in the shape of lollipops!

After a quick internet search, I stumbled upon this website

The Decorated Cookie

and discovered her awesome lollipop shaped cookies on a stick!

I was blown away by how adorable they were…and knew they would be perfect favors for Caleigh’s party!

 I am going to be wrapping them in cellophane and gluing a bow on each one.
They are going to look so cute!

More pics to come after Sunday!!!


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2 responses to “Still Here

  1. Hi Amy! I have missed you! I hope things are better overall and I look forward to your return 🙂
    Those are going to look rather adorable too 😀

  2. Good luck on your race! Have fun!!!

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