Goals for a New Month

Every month I say I am going to set some clear goals

but typically I fail to actually complete that task.

Not complete the goals, but the setting of them. 🙂

So this month, I will start it off right by actually looking at what I want to accomplish.

Readers, I present to you….

My list of things I want to conquer during the month of August:

1) Count calories every day, with a focus on making healthy choices for my body.

This is a biggie for me…as I explained yesterday.

2) Eat more fruits and vegetables

I actually went on a Watermelon Tour with Caleigh and a bunch of moms at a local organic farm last week. Eating all of the fresh samples totally inspired me to get some really yummy, in season fruits and veggies to inspire my daily eats.

3) Continue training for my next half-marathon in October and complete our training schedule.

Oh ya, I forgot to mention that one…my husband and I are running a half marathon in Syracuse, NY this coming October!

It will be the first annual marathon/half marathon and so we thought it would be fun to run the first one and plan on running all of them over the years!

It is my 2nd half marathon and my hubby’s first…so we are both really excited for it!

4) Complete my first sprint triathlon

No explanation necessary – August 13th it is ON!

5) Do strength training at least 2x a week

For my first half marathon, my training consisted of some serious strength training exercises that I could do right in my home.

I was in awesome shape and I know that is why I felt so good running. I’ve slacked with that a bit so I definitely want to add it back in to more than once a week again.

6) Do yoga at least once a week.

This one I am terrible at. I keep saying it, but I’m not doing it. Ugh. Okay, this is the month.

7) Make a cross country move.

Yup, on August 26th, my husband and I will be moving our little girl from California back to our home state of New York.

It is a huuge move for us…since we moved to California together less than a year into our relationship

and have since celebrated our 2nd wedding anniversary

and have our one year old daughter.

We’ve been here for over 4 years.

Needless to say, California has been “our” home…

where we have built a life together..

a family.

And even though it was our choice/request to make the move…

it will definitely be tough to leave.

Good thing that

change is so good for the soul. 🙂


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3 responses to “Goals for a New Month

  1. A watermelon tour sounds SO awesome and inspiring like you said! I just CANNOT get over how cute and happy your daughter is.. she is lovely 🙂

    You have some awesome goals and exciting things coming up!!

  2. Change IS good for the soul. It’s great to see that you have such a positive outlook on everything. Sounds like you have some amazing goals to shoot for!

  3. I really like your goals, they are all about improving your physical self, but also mental as well! You definitely have some exciting things coming up, so just keep making sure to nourish yourself properly and train properly for them 🙂
    These pictures are adorable btw!

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