Saturday Brunch – recipe ideas?

I am hosting a brunch for two couples tomorrow…our 4 best friends from California that we are REALLY going to miss.

Whenever I plan a menu, my instinct is to find the most delicious tasting dishes possible to impress my guests.

Click here for the  most gluttonous brunch dish everrrr!

(Courtesy of Paula Deen – queen of buttery deliciousness)

However, I am trying to get rid of that mindset and focus more on choosing delicious dishes

that also happen to be healthy.

This is hard for me…since a lot of my friends don’t eat healthy and prefer the regular stuff.

So my goal is to find healthy recipes for the following that will fool my friends!

Here is how I would like the menu to look:

*1 egg-type dish (frittata? strata? just scrambled? made to order?)

*1 meat-type dish (egg and ham something or other? something with sausage?)

*2 sides (whole grain pancakes? homefries?)

*1 muffin/scone/coffee cake (banana bread? blueberry muffins?)

I’ve asked my one friend to bring a fruit salad so that is taken care of.

But I really am at a loss for yummy recipes that aren’t going to give everyone a heart attack (I still love ya Paula Deen!)

Anyone have any they want to share??? 🙂


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3 responses to “Saturday Brunch – recipe ideas?

  1. Quiche is always awesome because you can put anything in it!

  2. I have made this recipe before
    and it turned out great! I also liked that you could make it ahead of time.
    I also just found these recipes,
    the muffins sound especially tasty!
    I can’t wait to hear how it goes 🙂

  3. I am super late seeing this post, so I can’t give you any ideas, but I’d love to see what you chose.

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