Counting down the Days

I have been noticeably absent from commenting on other blogs lately…

I am still reading…because I am genuinely interested in your lives now 😉

but with so little time left before the cross country move

the commenting has suffered…so I apologize for that.

Joe and I went out on our last Cali date night on Monday

(not to mention it is actually our first Cali date night since Caleigh was born 13 months ago!)

We went to Pelican Hill…

a super luxurious resort/golf course in Newport Beach

and ate at Andreas…a super fancy Italian restaurant.

On our way out the door…excited to dress up for once!

The best shot I could get..without embarrassing myself at such a fancy place!

That is the ocean down there…haha. I should have just stood up to take the photo but it was such a nice restaurant, I didn’t want to stand out acting like a newbie who never eats at fancy places (which I totally was haha).

I definitely had one of the best meals from start to finish that I have ever had!

They brought us a little something out at the looked like an amuse bouche…but they didn’t call it that.

I don’t even know for sure what it was…haha! But it was tasty for sure.

We got 2 appetizers…




I had never had tuna tartar before, but I really wanted to try it…and LOVED IT!

Joe preferred the prosciutto and melon, but I was all about the tuna!

Then (this is my favorite part!!) Chef Dubray come out to meet Joe and I!

My friend Jill used to work at Pelican and she was his assistant for 2 years…and so she called him up and said we were coming.

He came out 3 times during the meal to chat with us…

and surprised us by treating us to a porcini mushroom truffle oil risotto course that was prepared in a parmesan wheel!


risotto is prepared and then brought table side…they put it in the giant parmesan wheel and scrape around the edges to add the fresh cheese to the dish


Most delicious thing I have ever tasted!

Then we had our entrees…

I had:


and Joe had:


both recommended by Chef Dubray. I mean, you can’t go against what the chef recommends right??

Then for dessert we had a chocolate ganache bar with hazlenut crunch ice cream and something else fancy sounding…

and again AMAZING!

We had decaf french press coffee…which is super strong but has the most incredible flavor. They even have their own Pelican Hill coffee beans.

Joe…as we were finishing up dessert


They even bring out a special silver dessert tree when you are paying your bill…complimentary to all guests…that has all sorts of petite fours and little one bite desserts.

From start to finish, we had the most amazing, special night…

and we were super appreciate to our BFF Jill for hooking us up!

We are going to really miss California!!!!



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4 responses to “Counting down the Days

  1. You look gorgeous! I love that dress!!
    Looks like such a fun evening for you two

  2. You are absolutely BEAUTIFUL ! Your dress looks awesome and you and your hubby make such an attractive couple 🙂

    Dinner sounds sooo delicious !

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