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Caleigh’s Pink and Orange Lollipop Birthday!

This weekend we hosted my daughter’s first birthday party. It was so much fun to plan all of the decorations and get everything ready for the big day. I tried to make all of the decorations myself to save on money…buuuuut, let’s be honest. The cost gets pretty out of control super fast, even with 100% trying to be budget conscious!!

She is too young to be “into” anything, so we decided to go with colors rather than a theme…although I did work in the concept of lollipops a bit!

The colors for her party were pink and orange (as you will see) and it looked so fun and festive…and totally girly!

I’ll let the pictures do most of the talking today…

Caleigh’s First Birthday Party!

Dessert Table…Carrot Cake smash cake and cupcakes and chocolate layer cake with buttercream frosting!

Homemade lollipop sugar cookies as favors

Homemade lollipop sugar cookies as favors

The lollipop cookie favors…from meaghan over at The Decorated Cookie

 The Decorated Cookie Blog

Table for the kids - snacks, sippy cups, juice

close up of the kids table - how awesome are those pink and white striped cups?? $1 each at Party City! What a find!

wrapping paper as a table runner, chinese lanterns as centerpiece and BALLOONS (my favorite, and the easiest, decorations!)

First 12 months - A Photo Timeline


One year old! (I took pics and had it made into a poster for the party!)

yummy food for the par-tay!

Love her face in this one!

Me and my birthday girl!

enjoying her carrot cake!

opening presents!

I made a quiz with questions about the birthday girl…lift the flap to find the answer!

She had a blast the whole day!

It was an incredible day filled with great friends. I can’t believe my baby girl is over a year old now!

What a year it has been!



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Spoiled Sweet

Yesterday happened to be my birthday…32 years and counting.

Luckily I don’t feel old yet so I don’t mind birthdays. I still consider them fun. 🙂

Well maybe that is because I am spoiled.

Although I’d like to believe I’m not rotten, just loved…haha.

Two days ago, I received this as an early birthday present from my mom.

Sweet. Totally wanted one and I’m already hooked. Just downloaded my first book (Hillebrand’s Unbroken – awesome so far!)

Then the night before my birthday, (he can never wait until the actual day, he gets too excited haha)

my hubs totally surprised me with this:
This is a 2011 B.O.B. Revolution…it is like the Rolls Royce of jogging strollers (in my husband’s words).

Up til now, we’ve had a $100 dollar “jogger” (I use the term loosely) from Target that was almost impossible for me to run with and at the very best just unenjoyable. When I would go for walks with my moms group, I was infamous for using my Graco snap ‘n go and all I ever heard was how I had to get a B.O.B.

Sure, ok. We’ll get right on that.

They’re only ____ hundreds of dollars.

I should point out that my husband and I tend to be rather frugal for lack of a nicer word.


For him to splurge on this incredible stroller for my birthday is a VERY BIG DEAL.

 And a sure sign that he takes my running (and his new ‘like’ of running) pretty seriously…which is pretty cool.

He also gave me these to unwrap first thing yesterday morning:

New running clothes!

I have really needed some new running clothes and particularly capris pants. I won’t wear shorts, but the full length pants have started to feel insanely hot lately (it’s been in the high 80’s!). So hot that I even got out my scissors and cut a full length pair the other day to get by…so I was super excited to have an actual nice pair of running capris finally!

Plus my mom and dad surprised me by sending another amazing gift yesterday:

My new Garmin Forerunner 305!!!

I could not believe that she

(I was gonna say ‘they’ but let’s be real, my mom picks everything out)

got me both the Kindle and the Garmin…it is way too generous…I called her right away to thank her

over and over and over again.

I was so excited that I took my new B.O.B. and my sweet girl out for a run first thing yesterday morning  🙂

so I could have a few extra calories last night!

Totally bucking tradition (which usually consisted of some type of fat and calorie laden comfort food meal plus a huge cake or cupcakes for dessert), I chose to go out for sushi.

It was still a treat because I normally just get the super healthy rolls…so I figured I would live on the edge since it was a special day…still no sashimi though.

We had:

Albacore Roll

Baked Spicy Lobster roll

And Popcorn Lobster Roll

So I am totally aware that these are not healthy rolls haha…as you can tell by the picture. Although I did try to pick a lot of the topping off of them (I’d get just a little of the saucy goodness) and eat just the roll. Underneath it was basically a spicy tuna roll, which is a healthier option when you go for sushi.

Plus, we ordered 24 rolls altogether to split and we each only had 8 total. We had half of the popcorn lobster and baked lobster rolls to bring home for Joe’s lunch today.

So it was a splurge, but not like having an enormous helping of spaghetti and meatballs or chicken and biscuits like I’m used to.


Well that is another story. haha

I did want my birthday cupcake.

My favorite place was too far of a drive with a baby up past her bedtime so we went here instead.

I decided picking out one single serving dessert was better than having a whole birthday cake.

After staring through the glass cases for awhile, Joe settled upon the chocolate cake and I chose the red velvet cupcake:

Then we went to pay and saw this by the counter:

 It was as big as his hand!

And I displayed very little self control as my impulse buy turned into this:

I would have been okay with splurging with a cookie and half a birthday cupcake

(although definitely going over what I had planned on having for the night)….

but then my friends came over and surprised me with


(it was made with a new ice cream maker they got…cookies and cream…fudge covered oreos were one of the ingredients…enough said.)

It was the most delicious ice cream I have ever had.

And with the help of my handsome hubs, we ate





Oh well.

It was worth every calorie.

And although I don’t want to get into the thinking of, “It’s ok because it is a special occassion”

I do think it is ok because I rarely splurge like that ever anymore.

And I didn’t make a day of it…bingeing at breakfast, lunch and dinner like normal.

I made healthy choices all day.

Just had a tad too much dessert.

So no guilt today.

Just back to my normal healthy lifestyle.

Like I said, I am super spoiled.

I am super appreciative!

I had the best day!!!


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