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Getting it Right…(and triathlon news!)

It’s funny that when I am off track, I rarely post about it.

I’m not sure why, since that was the reason I started this blog in the first place…to work through the tough times on this journey.

Of course the last few days, I have been back on track…

so here I am trying to analyze what was wrong.

 I’m trying to figure out what was different during those few weeks when I couldn’t seem to get it together

and now.

Some things I have noticed that I need to do

in order to feel in control:

1) count calories

sample of part of my day

It is plain and simple. If I do it, I eat what I want and without guilt. I still have a focus on healthy choices, but if I choose to measure out a 1/2 cup of low fat ice cream for dessert, I can. Without guilt.

I hope to someday progress to the point where I can reign myself in without counting calories, but I can recognize that I am not there yet.

So it is a long term goal.

But in the meantime,

counting calories is a must for me.

2) Some type of physical activity in the morning before I sit and eat my breakfast.

It sounds crazy, but if I eat breakfast before I complete my workout, 9 times out of 10, those are the days I typically get off track eating-wise

(disclaimer: this is not counting the days I need to really fuel up for a run or something…I definitely eat something beforehand on those mornings)

For me, this is definitely more symbolic than anything else.

It’s as if I say to myself, ahhh, I can sit and eat my breakfast instead of completing my workout this morning. No biggie.

But the problem is for me, it is a biggie.

It is a sign of giving up on working out for the day.

Not sure why that is…

and again

a long term goal will be to

be able to eat some breakfast prior to exercising and


have that be the kiss of workout-death.

But until that time, early morning workouts are the way its gotta be for now.

The good news is, even when my eating has been off, I have been exercising very regularly, if not every day.

So those are my conclusions for now…but I am sure I will continue to analyze both the good times and bad times in order to continue making progress in the right direction!


Unrelated sidenote:

Here is my “Sweat is Beautiful” tribute to Jen over at Prior Fat Girl:

This was after a VERY HARD 3.1 mile, morning run the other day.

I felt wiped afterwards…but in a good way.

In an I-just-gave-it-everything-I’ve-got kind of way.

And it showed.

I was drenched. 🙂


Oh…and in other news:

I signed up for my first triathlon today!

The entry form has officially been sent in.

I am nervous as all hell.

It is in less than 2 weeks, but I am pretty sure I can do it.


…I just bought a bike this weekend (oh you know, just semi-essential to triathlon training when you haven’t ridden a bike in years!!)

Actually, my husband came home and surprised me with a new bike after work on Friday!

We had been looking at bikes for me together, but the actual buying of the bike and bringing it home to me was totally unexpected! And he went with a nicer bike (a hybrid) than I had even thought we were going to get…so


I seriously felt like a little 8 year old on their birthday!

I’ve already gone on a 7 mile bike ride (still super nervous about riding in the road, so sticking mostly to bike paths for now) and rode to pick up dinner/grab a few things at the grocery store this weekend…I LOVE IT!!

Yet again, I have the greatest husband ever!


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Living Life

I’ve been taking a blogging break recently…as is evidenced by only one post in the past week.

For a few reasons.

One – I have numerous new gadgets to play with so I’ve been busy being all outdoorsy and stuff.

Okay, so I’m probably using about 1/100th of the capabilities of said gadgets since I’ve barely made it through page 1 of the user manuals on any of them, but they are all getting a lot of use nonetheless.

My goal (sooner rather than later!) is to really learn about the Garmin Forerunner 305 and report back on all its cool features. 🙂

Two – I began training this week for this

yup, a triathlon.

A sprint triathlon which consists of a 5k run, 1k ocean swim and a 25k bike ride.

Please notice the clear distinction between the words “training for” and “signed up for” a triathlon.

I have no idea if I can actually do it.

Did I mention that I don’t own a bike?

And that my birthday just passed and I got totally spoiled and there is noooo way I can afford a new bike right now?

Oh ya…and my level of preparedness for swimming

consists of a tankini with a swim skirt (you know, to hide the jiggles), no goggles, and no swim cap….

And the lack of ability to swim.

I always thought I could swim…I really did.

My parents had a pool at our house growing up. I spent my childhood in the pool. I could go with ease from one end to the other.

Well, holding my breath and swimming entirely underwater.

But anyway…

I guess in all those years, I never really LEARNED to swim. Not efficient lap-type swimming anyway.

So I’ve been practicing my swimming…(well one time so far counts right?)

I felt really bad for all the serious swimmers in the neighborhood pool at 6 am this morning who had their relaxing swim thrown off by my excessive splashing and general flailing about.

Except for the guy who yelled at me for gasping so insanely loudly for each breath AND almost entering his lane.

Okay, that didn’t really happen, but I wouldn’t have been surprised if it had.

In the spirit of positive self talk, I’ve got a lot of improving to do. 🙂

Three – I’ve been spending lots of time with this beautiful little girl…who is ten months old today:

and who is such a big girl

she now eats turkey and cheese for lunch instead of

that silly jar of baby food that is meant for babies (not big girls):

Okay that is a little too far back…more like this:

I cannot believe 10 months has gone by so quickly!

And now that we are planning to move back to NY in a few months

and I will possibly be (hopefully!)

working in the fall (if I can somehow manage to get a teaching job!)

 I will no longer be able to be a stay at home mom.

Definitely sad about that fact.

Soooo…I’m blogging less and playing with my little McGee more

and trying to enjoy every little second of this life I get to live!


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