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A Homemade Halloween…keeping the tradition alive!

The last few weeks have been full of stress and change…and I am just beginning to get settled.

The (2nd) new job is going really well and

I wasn’t sure I would like it, but turns out, I really do!

I’ve turned a corner with the eating healthy and working out…and am feeling really good.

I have to say, I think it had something to do with blogging about it…

since I started doing better right after my last post.

Maybe it is that acknowledgement that I am getting scarily close to rock bottom?

Okay, well maybe I wasn’t that bad,

but I do get flashes of myself at this weight:

and typically that really puts a scare into me…

since I know I don’t want to go back there again.

But anyway, all is good now.

Quick recap of the steps I took that I believe led to me getting back on track:
1) Finding a support system – I’ve recruited some girls here in my new home to work out with me. Yes, having my husband to work out with is great…but the accountability of having to show up to work out with a friend usually gets me even more since I can’t whine and complain to them like I can with my hubs! (sorry Joe!!)

2) working out in the morning when I can – this ALWAYS changes my mindset. There is something about getting it done ASAP that just puts an entirely different spin on the entire day.

3) Putting strategies in place to beat my binge triggers – My parents’ house was a tough one, but I just told myself prior to going over there that I was going to get a water as soon as I walked in instead of immediately searching their cupboards for a snack. Sometimes a small victory like that changes the way my mind responds to the trigger…and I feel empowered and don’t WANT to binge. This one still gets me and will continue to be a challenge, but I am working on it.


On to….


I love making Halloween costumes!

It was a tradition my dad started when we were kids…and one that I have always said I wanted to carry on with our family.

Last year, I made my 3 month old a flower in a pot…made entirely from scratch (and cheaply I might add!):

Excuse the drool! Lol

Then this year, I decided to make her a little pig…since we already have so much pink!

I am in the process of working on the costume and this is what I have so far:

I used clothes we already had, bought some fuzzy pink yarn, pipe cleaners, felt, and used some velcro that I bought for my classroom.

(That way I don’t ruin her clothes with glue…I can just remove the velcro after Halloween!)

I never like to do just the costume, though…and like to have more to go with it…so I also made her a barn to go on her wagon:

Yes, there is a bale of hay in her wagon to go with it. She’ll ride in there and then come out for trick or treating

(at our friends’ and families’ houses!)

I just started with cardboard boxes and used the magic of scissors, hot glue, spray paint and duct tape.

Here are some in-the-works pics:

I need to add some embellishments…like straw and hay around the outside.

Maybe a stuffed farm animal or two to ride in the wagon with her.

But needless to say, I can’t wait for Halloween now!


Here is the finished product:


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Getting it Right…(and triathlon news!)

It’s funny that when I am off track, I rarely post about it.

I’m not sure why, since that was the reason I started this blog in the first place…to work through the tough times on this journey.

Of course the last few days, I have been back on track…

so here I am trying to analyze what was wrong.

 I’m trying to figure out what was different during those few weeks when I couldn’t seem to get it together

and now.

Some things I have noticed that I need to do

in order to feel in control:

1) count calories

sample of part of my day

It is plain and simple. If I do it, I eat what I want and without guilt. I still have a focus on healthy choices, but if I choose to measure out a 1/2 cup of low fat ice cream for dessert, I can. Without guilt.

I hope to someday progress to the point where I can reign myself in without counting calories, but I can recognize that I am not there yet.

So it is a long term goal.

But in the meantime,

counting calories is a must for me.

2) Some type of physical activity in the morning before I sit and eat my breakfast.

It sounds crazy, but if I eat breakfast before I complete my workout, 9 times out of 10, those are the days I typically get off track eating-wise

(disclaimer: this is not counting the days I need to really fuel up for a run or something…I definitely eat something beforehand on those mornings)

For me, this is definitely more symbolic than anything else.

It’s as if I say to myself, ahhh, I can sit and eat my breakfast instead of completing my workout this morning. No biggie.

But the problem is for me, it is a biggie.

It is a sign of giving up on working out for the day.

Not sure why that is…

and again

a long term goal will be to

be able to eat some breakfast prior to exercising and


have that be the kiss of workout-death.

But until that time, early morning workouts are the way its gotta be for now.

The good news is, even when my eating has been off, I have been exercising very regularly, if not every day.

So those are my conclusions for now…but I am sure I will continue to analyze both the good times and bad times in order to continue making progress in the right direction!


Unrelated sidenote:

Here is my “Sweat is Beautiful” tribute to Jen over at Prior Fat Girl:

This was after a VERY HARD 3.1 mile, morning run the other day.

I felt wiped afterwards…but in a good way.

In an I-just-gave-it-everything-I’ve-got kind of way.

And it showed.

I was drenched. 🙂


Oh…and in other news:

I signed up for my first triathlon today!

The entry form has officially been sent in.

I am nervous as all hell.

It is in less than 2 weeks, but I am pretty sure I can do it.


…I just bought a bike this weekend (oh you know, just semi-essential to triathlon training when you haven’t ridden a bike in years!!)

Actually, my husband came home and surprised me with a new bike after work on Friday!

We had been looking at bikes for me together, but the actual buying of the bike and bringing it home to me was totally unexpected! And he went with a nicer bike (a hybrid) than I had even thought we were going to get…so


I seriously felt like a little 8 year old on their birthday!

I’ve already gone on a 7 mile bike ride (still super nervous about riding in the road, so sticking mostly to bike paths for now) and rode to pick up dinner/grab a few things at the grocery store this weekend…I LOVE IT!!

Yet again, I have the greatest husband ever!

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